All by Lauren: How a Quarantine Hobby Turned Into a Successful Earring Business

Lauren Bocalan, an assistant multimedia editor at The Observer, shares how making Harry Styles-inspired earrings just for fun turned into a lucrative business overnight


Lauren sitting beside her earrings
In November 2020, Lauren Bocalan sat in her living room beside hundreds of packaged earrings after her hobby went viral. (LAUREN BOCALAN)

In this interview, I spoke with Lauren Bocalan, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’24 and an assistant multimedia editor at The Observer, about her small business All by Lauren. She discussed what inspired her to begin making earrings, her rapid success, her experience running a small business while being a full-time student and possible future collections. 

On her overnight success: “I got super lucky. I always say that, but it’s always crazy to think about. I started selling to my friends, just like my first five friends, and then one of them suggested that I make a TikTok showing each earring to the song it’s inspired by. And that TikTok I think got over 280,000 views in a day.”

On running a business while being in school: “It’s interesting having to balance full-time, in-person student life with having a small business, but I love doing it.”

Limited edition collection from All by Lauren
A limited-edition collection from All by Lauren inspired by Harry Styles’ 2021 Grammy outfit. (LAUREN BOCALAN)

On future collections: “I know a lot of people were asking for Taylor Swift, and I love her, so I would love to do anything Taylor Swift. I think that she’s the person that I’m thinking about.”

Earrings inspired by "She"
All by Lauren earrings inspired by Harry Styles’ song “She” from his most recent album, “Fine Line.” (LAUREN BOCALAN)