Photo Gallery: Scenes From Green Spaces


With the warmer months giving way to breezy days and chilly nights, the next couple weeks are the perfect opportunity to make use of New York’s parks and outdoor recreational spaces. From exercising to simply resting, there is plenty you can do in the parks before the cold sets in — while following social distancing guidelines and staying safe, of course. Here, Observer photographer Alyssa Daughdrill records recent scenes from Bryant Park, Central Park and DeWitt Clinton Park of New Yorkers doing just that.

Central Park

people sitting on the rim of a fountain near green spaces in central park

people sitting on green meadow in central park, one of its many open spaces

people sitting on shady green meadow in central park, one of its green spaces

people standing on a brick patio in central park near a lake

Bryant Park

pink flowers and people in bryant park, one of the city's smaller green spaces

sign reminding people to social distance while in bryant park's spaces

handwashing station in the middle of one of bryant park's stone-tiled spaces

sign with social distancing reminders in one of bryant park's stone spaces

DeWitt Clinton Park