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Staff Editorial: Amplifying Black Voices at The Observer

June 16, 2020

As a predominantly white editorial board at a predominantly white institution, we must actively work to diversify our editorial board and student contributors.

The plethora of publications at Fordham University allow students to tailor their news sources.

Choose Your News: Student Publications at Fordham

April 10, 2019

There is a student publication at Fordham to represent every point of view.

The 2018-2019 Editorial Board of the Observer

Something More: The Importance of Student Journalism

April 26, 2018

Nobody is paid at The Fordham Observer. There is no academic credit associated with participation. They do it for something more.

Observer Alumni Op-Ed

August 26, 2016

By FORDHAM OBSERVER ALUMNI STEERING COMMITTEE As a group of concerned alums, we are extremely disapp...

CMS Cuts Ties With The Observer: Redux

August 23, 2016

By OBSERVER STAFF Hitting the reset button is never easy. When the Communication and Media Studie...

The Observer Ranked in Top 10 College Papers

The Observer Ranked in Top 10 College Papers

August 5, 2015

By ANA FOTA News Co-Editor Fordham Lincoln Center’s student voice, The Observer, took the eighth ...

The Observer Newsroom, featured above, is dedicated to Casey Feldman, former News Editor. (PHOTO BY EMILY TIBERIO/THE OBSERVER)

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April 16, 2015

By JUSTIN REBOLLO Asst. News Co-Editor Published: March 15, 2015 April is officially National Distrac...

The new website includes a helpful sidebar with links to our social sites.

Observer Launches New Website

March 25, 2015

By TYLER MARTINS Editor-In-Chief Published: March 25, 2015 While everyone was catching up on sleep or ...

The Story Here is the Campaign

March 25, 2015

By STAFF Published: March 25, 2015 While Senator Ted Cruz just announced his bid for the presidency e...

A Day on the Plaza

October 8, 2014

By ALANNA KILKEARY Staff Writer Published: October 8, 2014 September 25, 2014, 6 a.m., Eastern Standard Time I turn over as the light peeks into my ...

Our skin could get a beating from the winter so with the right skin products, we can replenish our dry skin. (Michael Kitada/Orange County Register/MCT)

Weathering Out the Winter Cold

February 13, 2014

By JULIET ALTMANN Contributing Writer Published: February 12, 2014 Harsh wind, frigid air and ...

Signs over RFID scanners at the entrance of Lowenstein tell students and faculty to show their IDs. (Ian McKenna/The Observer)

RFID Issues Revisited

October 17, 2013

By IAN MCKENNA Editor-in-Chief Published: October 16, 2013 Logs Readers of Fordham’s campus newspapers may have noticed a discrepanc...