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Staying Connected Through Service

May 12, 2020

Students stay connected through service at food banks, community centers, and letter communications to continue to support each other from afar.

In a photo published in Newsweek on March 29, 1965, the Selma to Montgomery marches, the writer's great aunt holds a young child.

Flesh and Blood: A Post-Post MLK Day Reflection

January 28, 2020

The hero narrative is an important part of the human search for meaning, but it can also be used to exculpate, as it provides exoneration from the responsibility of moral accountability. 

Protesters march on Columbus Circle with homemade signs and posters.

Demonstrators Chant ‘Rise and Roar’ at 2020 Women’s March

January 22, 2020

Hundreds of people gathered on the morning of Saturday, Jan. 18, despite freezing temperatures for the city’s annual Women’s March. Demonstrators gathered at Columbus Circle, minutes away from Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC), and downtown at Foley Square in a massive show of support for women’s rights. 

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Staff Editorial: What It Means To Confront Hate

December 4, 2019

When exposed to the light, bigotry stumbles for explanations. 

Gen Z doesn't buy houses, eats too much avocado toast and may be hurting the social movements they seek to promote.

No Callbacks, No Tickets, Show Canceled: Ditching Performative Activism

October 16, 2019

Some facets of social justice, it seems, have lost their intellectual fire and retired to the often frivolous, repetitive echo chamber that is social media. Since when did social justice become about being social, and not about being just?

ASILI, the Black Student Alliance at Rose Hill, hosts Angela Davis to observe Black History Month.

Angela Davis Connects International Struggles

March 8, 2019

For much of the evening, Davis focused on the connections between the black experience and those of other oppressed peoples. “When we talk about black struggles,” she said, “we should realize that not all participants have been black.”

You Don’t Get To Tell Me I’m White

You Don’t Get To Tell Me I’m White

November 14, 2018

I’m a minority in the United States, but I’m also a minority among minorities. I’m a member of so many cultures that I belong to none.

SAGES organized to educate the Fordham community about its past with protests.   (ELIZA PUTNAM/THE OBSERVER)

SAGES Hosts “The People’s History of Fordham”

October 10, 2018

BY Danielle Cowan Contributing Writer Due to popular demand, the Students for Sex and Gender Equi...

Mac Miller's Death Is Not Ariana Grande's Fault

Mac Miller’s Death Is Not Ariana Grande’s Fault

September 26, 2018

On Sept. 7, 2018, famed American rapper Mac Miller was found dead in his San Fernando Valley home fr...

As Gunn’s old tweets resurfaced in July, scandal thrust his future with the Disney franchise into jeopardy. (GAGE SKIDMORE VIA FLICKR)

James Gunn Deserves Forgiveness

August 23, 2018

Imagine that you’re James Gunn. You’re a couple weeks away from your 52nd birthday, and you’re tak...

The stigma surrounding mental health is the reason for the societal confusion between mental illness and real evil. (PAOLOBARZMAN VIA FLICKR)

The Problem with Labeling Evil as Mental Illness

June 9, 2018

When you couple the digital age with the modern progressive culture, you gain exposure to valuable n...

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Staff Editorial: Care for the Whole Person and Every Person

April 6, 2018

Despite its reputation as a relatively progressive university, many rules enforced by the Fordham admini...