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Staff Editorial: Drama Over LDA Closure Is More Than an Act

February 5, 2020

Fordham’s follow-through for the students affected was almost nonexistent, leading many to feel overlooked and ignored, with no consideration for how they would have to scramble to adjust without the chance to attend the LDA.

Although Brexit has been all-consuming in British politics and life, many Fordham students studying in London are unaware of how it affects them

Years of Negotiations Later: Brexit’s Impact on Fordham

February 5, 2020

The United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union (EU) on Jan. 31, possibly impacting the 336 students studying at the Fordham London Centre (FLC) campus. The Fordham London program has almost tripled in attendance over the past three and half years — making it the largest Fordham study abroad program.

London and New York are cities that have differ in underground transportation and pedestrians, but they both have breathtaking views.

West Side, West End

April 10, 2019

Photo Editor Emeritus Andrew Beecher discusses his thoughts on living in both London and New York, whether or not the Tube is really better than the Subway and how Londoners and New Yorkers ultimately measure up to each other.

Fordham London Centre Cost, Dissected

Fordham London Centre Cost, Dissected

March 4, 2019

Though the cost of tuition for studying abroad is the same $25,642.50 (the general fee without financial aid) that students on Fordham’s NYC campuses pay, study abroad students pay additional costs that are built into the program they are attending.

Going Away Means Remembering

November 11, 2018

“Hop across the pond for a semester abroad in London!” As I looked at the flyer on the third-floor...


Spilling Tea: The Truth About London

September 2, 2017

By SABRINA JEN Contributing Writer If the millennial stereotype were personified, it would probably be a ...

Paul Taylor-Mills sat down with Professor Elizabeth Stone's travel writing class after a performance of The Other Palace's latest workshop

A Conversation with Paul Taylor-Mills

July 14, 2017

By MORGAN STEWARD Editor-in-Chief At only 29-years-old, Paul Taylor-Mills is living out every t...

Mary Arden’s Farm

July 4, 2017

By CALLAN McCARTHY Contributing Writer On an unusually sunny and warm Friday afternoon for London, ...

A view of Edgware Road from the top of a double-decker bus. (KARALEE ROGERS/ THE OBSERVER)

A Day Down Edgware Road

July 4, 2017

By KARALEE ROGERS Contributing Writer Sunday began with a cough...again. For the past five days, ...

Professor Jones' class poses for a picture in Westminster Abbey. (Photo by  Afshin Feiz)

A Cup of Tea with a Spoonful of Magic

July 4, 2017

By KARALEE ROGERS Contributing Writer I sit across from philosophy professor Jude Jones in Fortnum and Ma...

Searching for Lesbian London

July 4, 2017

By NADINE SANTORO Contributing Writer When I was 14, I realized (or rather, finally admitted to my...

I traveled alone to Barcelona and got the opportunity to experience the country in a much deeper way.

Paying Attention In Barcelona

July 4, 2017

By KARALEE ROGERS Contributing Writer My friends and I had excitedly made plans for a weekend trip t...