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blank crossword grid

Crossword Issue 17: Down to the Funny Bone

October 14, 2020

Hint: To get in the "spirit" of fun, you might have to be "gravely" serious.

A vaccination list including the H1N1 virus

A Look at Fordham’s Last Pandemic: The Swine Flu

April 22, 2020

It was the fall semester of 2009, and a very different pandemic had reached Fordham’s doors: the swine flu. By December of that year, 165 cases of H1N1 had appeared at the Rose Hill campus and 12 at Lincoln Center. 

Tell Us About Yourself and We’ll Tell You Your Perfect Zoom Virtual Background

Tell Us About Yourself and We’ll Tell You Your Perfect Zoom Virtual Background

April 9, 2020

Learn which Zoom background is perfect for you.

A Fordham Student’s Digital Guide to NYC

A Fordham Student’s Digital Guide to NYC

April 1, 2020

Tour the Met and the Guggenheim, listen to the best concerts from Jazz at Lincoln Center and soak in the cultural wealth of the city that never sleeps from even the sleepiest small town.

A Fordham Meme Legend: The Top 10 Funniest Trump Tweets

A Fordham Meme Legend: The Top 10 Funniest Trump Tweets

February 19, 2020

Scoring Trump's top 10 Fordham memes of all time, which, unlike his grades while at Rose Hill, we can share with you.

Lili Gutierrez, FCLC '23, and Pedro González, FCLC '22, rehearse the opening scene of the play as Celestina del Sol and Aníbal de la Luna.

Student Director on Cloud Nine with ‘Cloud Tectonics’

February 5, 2020

Sofia Ubilla, who is on the directing track within the Fordham Theatre Program, will direct a production of José Rivera’s “Cloud Tectonics” to begin this semester’s studio show season.

The giant inflatable rats, like the one currently at Columbus Circle, are often referred to colloquially as

Inflatable Rat Protests on 60th Street

January 17, 2020

This inflatable rat is advocating for the safe removal of asbestos, a silicate mineral strongly linked to respiratory disease and cancer. 

A regal portrait of Rameses XVI

The Rise and Fall of the Rameses Dynasty

October 30, 2019

From 1925 to 1978, Fordham maintained live rams who were trotted out during sporting events to represent our school pride. The Rameses dynasty, which featured over 20 heirs, shares a bloody, twisted history, made all the more shocking by its complete accuracy. 

It’s unfair and imposes an unnecessary hardship that Fordham should slam a $3,073 fee on already-struggling students’ backs. 

Fordham Botched New Healthcare Roll-Out and We’re All Going to Pay: Jumping SHIP is Not an Option

July 18, 2019

In early May, students were surprised with an email from Senior Vice President for Student Affairs J...


The Most Magical Place in Manhattan

April 9, 2019

Students got a few more tricks up their sleeve at a magic workshop as part of the "Year of Magic" on campus.

Cryptid Found on Campus

Cryptid Found on Campus

April 9, 2019

On March 31, 2019, students were stunned when a creature long assumed to be myth was spotted at the Ildiko Butler Gallery.