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Climbing temperatures in February have students worried about climate change.

Hey Fordham, Let It Snow?

March 6, 2019

With rising temperatures in February, some students worry that climate change is becoming a Fordham reality.

The Social Innovations Collaboratory offers an environment for students to build change-making skills. (CELIA PATTERSON/THE OBSERVER)

Social Innovations Collaboratory Provides Space for Social Change

December 7, 2018

Thanks to a new gift from Gabelli alumnus Brent Martini, GSB ’86, the collaboratory's assets and resources are finally being brought to the attention of FLC students.

The United Nations released its climate report in October. It bodes poorly for the future of the globe.

Climate Change Is Worse Than You Think

November 14, 2018

To call this a climate catastrophe would be a gross understatement; even our most severe labels seem paltry when compared to the enormity of the issue.

Natural disasters have become alarmingly commonplace... and we're paying for it.

Irrational Disasters: Unwise Simply to Weather the Storm

January 25, 2018

You can admit it. You’ve seen the headlines. Wildfires. Hurricanes. Droughts. You’ve glanced and ...

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Europe’s New Environmental Proposal Signals Dangerous Trend

February 10, 2014

By MARINA RECIO Asst. Opinions Editor Published: February 10, 2014 The environmentally friendly European Union (EU) surprised many when it unveiled ...

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Focus Should be on Preparing for Environmental Changes Rather Than Cutting Emissions

October 3, 2013

  By DYLAN REILLY Contributing Writer Published: October 3, 2013 When it comes to climate change, I cannot help but feel a certain sense of pessimism. Environmentalist eschatology tells ...

Fordham Focuses on Climate Change

June 1, 2011

By Laura Shin News Co-Editor Published: Febrary 14, 2008 FORDHAM—The topic of conversation at Fordham and 1,800 other institutions on Jan. 31 was “going green.” As a part of Focus the Nation, a nationwide teach-in about global warming solutions, Fordham’s Rose Hill campus hosted an all-day affair that featured mo...

Preparations, Adaptations and Generations: The Changing Face of the Climate Crisis

June 1, 2011

By ANDREW HUDSON Staff Writer Published: January 31, 2008 Can you feel it getting warmer? Last summer was the hottest in years, and this winter has been pretty mild as well. A couple weeks ago, rare winter tornadoes stomped across large parts of the Midwest. In Mexico and Texas, the desert is creeping up, blowing away t...