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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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Anna Moneymaker, FCLC ’22, is a political science major and staff writer for The Observer. She is interested in satire, politics and environmental issues. When she isn’t writing for The Observer, she can almost always be found watching BA Test Kitchen.

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Cathleen Freedman in her home in Texas where the walls and ceiling are being repaired

Why the People of Texas Were Abandoned by Their State Government

March 28, 2021
Time and time again, Texans find themselves victims of severe weather events. So, why are the people of Texas routinely abandoned this way? The short answer: incompetent governance.
NYCs Bag Ban Is Only The Beginning

NYC’s Bag Ban Is Only The Beginning

March 10, 2020
The Bag Ban takes an important step in the direction of phasing out single-use plastics and forcing New Yorkers to adopt more eco-friendly habits, but it is by no means the finish line in the race to carbon neutrality.
Student activists bring signs and flags to Fridays for the Future, a weekly global protest started by Greta Thunberg to promote climate change awareness.

Activists Skip School for Climate Justice

February 19, 2020
Most everyone has seen large dramatic gatherings in the media, but rarely are we shown the dedicated students and activists who spend every week, rain or shine, spreading their message, like those at the 76th consecutive climate strike — Fridays for Future.
Fordham Financial Aid: The Sound and the Fury

Fordham Financial Aid: The Sound and the Fury

February 5, 2020

In front of Lincoln Center stands a statue of St. Ignatius in a quaint park. He benevolently watches over all those who love and love to create art. Just one block away, Fordham students are often engaged...

Journalism personality Lauren Duca, seen here in a Nov. 8 interview at the McNally Amphitheatre, protested both-sides-ism at a recent Fordham journalism conference, where pundits give unfair weight to dubious claims in the name of equality.

Deadly Equivalency: How ‘Balanced Journalism’ Can Be Anything But

January 27, 2020
Climate change denial is not a political opinion deserving equal recognition, but instead a dangerous misinformation campaign that actively misleads the public.
The Crusade Against Climate Change

The Crusade Against Climate Change

September 17, 2019
I was always skeptical of the poor. The way they “didn’t have money” made me wonder if they even wanted it at all.
Canada isn’t as great as many people make it out to be. It’s time to spill the maple syrup on the world’s worst country.

Oh, Canada

August 25, 2019
After being forced to live in this godforsaken country for two months, it is clear the government here does not know how to manage their money. I have seen the effects first hand: healthier people, a cleaner environment and less debt. As an American, it baffles me.
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