New Rose Hill Band Takes Part in Reemerging Music Scene

Looking for a new student-run band to follow? The band members of Just Email is taking



Just Email has drawn inspiration from artists such as Blink-182, Green Day, Juice WRLD and Machine Gun Kelly.


As concert culture returns to the main stage of entertainment for music lovers, new bands can once again begin to build their fanbases. At Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH), Just Email has been booking shows left and right. 

Just Email consists of vocalist Phillip Krehbiel, FCRH ’23; bassist and backup vocalist Nicole Estelami, FCRH ’24; guitarist Brendan Munnelly, FCRH ’21; and drummer Benjamin Spicer, FCRH ’23. 

This Y2K-inspired band originally came together to compete in the Rodrigue’s Coffee House Battle of the Bands where they came in second place, securing their first live performance on Rose Hill’s Walsh Lawn. With all the time spent rehearsing for the competition, it became clear that they wanted to continue playing music together. 

The band members recall their initial union being quite hectic. They each had wanted to perform in the Battle of the Bands and found one another through friends or group chats. When they finally got around to signing up for the event, they realized that they forgot to prepare one vital thing: their band name.

While they are currently only covering tracks from their favorite musicians, the band aims to add a new and unique take on their songs each time they perform.

“Wait, do we need a band name?” Krehbiel said to the other members as he was signing them up. “Oh, nevermind,” he realized. “Just email.” And so their band had a name.

Since Battle of the Bands, they have performed four shows, one of them being at Barnyard BBQ, a popular bar frequented by Fordham students. 

Though the individuals that make up this band are vastly different, their shared love of Blink-182 and Green Day, as well as their backgrounds in jazz, bring the four together to form a cohesive unit. While they are currently only covering tracks from their favorite musicians, the band aims to add a new and unique take on their songs each time they perform. 

“One thing we do is make the songs our own,” Munnelly said. “And that comes from our jazz background.”

Their writing style tends to be satirical and heavily influenced by Blink-182.

The band does, however, have some original songs in the making. Krehbiel recently released an original, “Girl From 208,” which was performed at the Barnyard show. The vulnerable lyrics of the ballad call attention to his affinity with R&B and alternative hip hop, as well as inspiration drawn from artists such as Juice WRLD and Machine Gun Kelly. As for the band, their writing style tends to be satirical and heavily influenced by Blink-182. 

“Blink-182 is meant to be performed in an obscure apartment by teenagers,” Estelami laughed. For Just Email, performing is about having fun. “We don’t take ourselves seriously,” Estelami continued, “We’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves.”

The local band culture at Rose Hill seems to reflect the same sentiment. When performing with other student bands such as Faculty, Debacle and Plastic Baby Jesus, the Just Email band members described the atmosphere as exceptionally open and supportive.

“When we weren’t playing, we were in the crowd cheering them on,” Estelami recalled. 

Though the group of four enjoy performing with one another, they have encountered challenges with organization and time management. With all of the band members’ differing interests and commitments, it is often difficult to coordinate their schedules and find time to rehearse as a band.  Just Email’s drummer is a leader of the Climate Impact Initiative, and the bassist Estelami is a part of the Residence Hall Association. 

“For four people, coordination is a challenge,” Spicer said. “I’m honestly surprised we came together overall.” 

Despite these challenges, the band maintains that their greatest strength is performing. Just Email is looking forward to continuing their performance streak, writing new music and taking part in the growing post-COVID-19-vaccination music world.

“The scene is changing,” Munnelly said. “It’s being rebuilt.”

With each performance, the crowds get bigger and more energetic. The return to live performances came at the perfect time for Just Email. Their fans excitedly await their first singles, which will be posted to Spotify, YouTube and Distro, where Krehbiel’s “Girl from 208” is already available.