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a mouse trap along the bottom of a fridge in McMahon Hall

Students Report Mice in McMahon Hall

September 15, 2020

Over the Labor Day weekend, Public Safety received two student reports of mice in McMahon Hall.

Lincoln Center Move-In 2020

September 2, 2020

On August 23, students began moving into the Lincoln Center campus residence halls under extraordinary circumstances. The Observer was there to capture the experience, as well as the thoughts of students, both new and returning, and their parents.

an empty room in McMahon Hall

McMahon Residents Move to Conserve Resources

August 27, 2020

McMahon Hall residents received an email from the Office of Residential Life explaining that apartments will be consolidated due to the high number of housing withdrawals.

A red car with the rear hatch open as two people pack it with moving boxes in front of McMahon Hall

Abrupt Ending to the Spring Semester Sparks Move-Out Dilemma

March 30, 2020

When the novel coronavirus outbreak in New York City reached a state of emergency, the Office of Residential Life mandated residential students to return home immediately and not come back to campus. At Fordham University, many students consider the University to be their primary residence during the academic year, and the mandate left many students struggling to coordinate their housing and travel plans.

United Student Government (USG), Rainbow Alliance and The Positive pushed for inclusivity of all genders on campus by advocating for gender-neutral bathrooms, use of chosen names on official Fordham documents, and safe housing for gender-netural and transgender students. 

Five Years Later, Gender-Inclusive Housing Options Announced

March 10, 2020

After a five-year debate about the rights and safety of transgender and gender non-conforming students, Fordham College Lincon Center announced that it will offer gender-neutral housing to its residents for the upcoming 2020-21 academic year.

The chart set up by McMahon Hall's first floor entrance designates the status  of the Life Safety System on each floor. Yellow stickers signify floors whose systems are yet to be upgraded.

McMahon Hall Gets a Fire Safety Upgrade

February 5, 2020

McMahon Hall has been operating on a fire alarm system originally installed in 1993, but a new system will soon be put in place, in addition to other upgrades.

Firefighters and City Employees worked to repair the damage of the ruptured water main on 62nd Street and Broadway avenue.

UPDATED: Water Main Break Forces Closure on First Day of Spring Semester

January 13, 2020

Lincoln Center was shut down when a water main on Broadway ruptured in the early morning, flooding the streets and impacting water systems on campus.

After petitioning for larger meal checks, McMahon student staff no longer have to worry about finding affordable food.

McMahon Student Staff Petitioned Unequal Meal Checks

December 4, 2019

McMahon Hall Resident Assistants (RAs) and Resident Freshmen Mentors (RFMs) have received a $1,880 increase in meal compensation as a result of petitioning unequal pay in comparison with Rose Hill student staff.

Supernatural Suitemates and McMahon Hall Hauntings

Supernatural Suitemates and McMahon Hall Hauntings

October 30, 2019

Have you ever heard an odd sound while traipsing the halls of McMahon? Sometimes, those can't be explained by students studying at ungodly hours of the night.

Emergency pipe burst leads to facilities, public safety and a plumber being brought on scene.

Pipe Bursts in McMahon Hall, Displaces Residents

September 18, 2019

The affected students were moved back into their room, but now they face the issue of trying to get compensation for property that was damaged or lost.

A forced quad is two bunk beds in a single room for three people.

Time to Bunk Up: ResLife Introduces Quads to McKeon

September 18, 2019

For the first time in Fordham Lincoln Center’s history, certain suites in McKeon Hall have four residents sharing a single bedroom.

While many freshmen are disappointed with forced triples, forced tripling can lead to growth, fun and adventure.

The Hidden Benefits of Being a Freshman in McMahon Hall

September 17, 2019

As McMahon residents, we were not required to have a meal plan, which meant that we ventured on shopping trips together and held roommate dinners almost every night. In our small, domestic apartment, we became friends and companions — an invaluable asset the first few weeks of freshman year.