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The FDA does not require labeling of genetically modified foods. 
(Emily Tiberio /The Observer)

Bio Professor Talks GMO Implications

February 11, 2015

By: JUSTIN REBOLLO Assistant News Co-EditorPublished: February 9, 2015 Genetically modified organism...

À la Carte food is now $.53 an ounce for lunch and dinner in the Ram Cafe. (MICHELLE QUINN/The Observer)

Students React to Ram Cafe Changes

January 28, 2015

By DYLAN PENZASports EditorPublished: January 28, 2015 On Monday, Jan. 12, Sodexo reopened a newl...

Friday Finds: What To Do In New York City This Weekend

Friday Finds: What To Do In New York City This Weekend

January 23, 2015

  By KAYLA OGLEContributing WriterPublished: January 23, 2015 WEEKEND OF JANUARY 23-25 | 2015  N...

A woman looks over her options at H Bake Shop.(Courtesy of H Bake Shop)

Cupcake Wars Hits New York City

December 22, 2014

By ROSANNA CORRADO Staff WriterPublished: December 10, 2014 Have you ever gone on a Netflix binge? Come on, fess up, we all have. Netflix recently added a Cupcake Wa...

The opening of Juice Generation brings the juice craze even closer to campus. (Rosanna Corrado/The Observer)

The Juice Craze: Revitalized and Closer Than Ever

October 22, 2014

By ROSANNA CORRADOStaff WriterPublished: October 22, 2014  Ok, so hear me out. I know the juicing and smoothie craze has been so overhyped and over-publicize...

A selection of Rosanna’s sweet fall treats. (Rosanna Corrado/The Observer)

Fall Flavors to Fall in Love With

October 8, 2014

By ROSANNA CORRADO Staff Writer Published: October 8, 2014 Well it’s fall again, which means there will be an endless barrage of “fall” flavored foods,...

Trucked Up: Korilla BBQ

April 1, 2013

In the Observer's newest online series, "Trucked Up," Features Editor Rex Sakamoto ventures to the DUMBO section of Brooklyn to have a taste of Korilla BBQ, a food truck that specializes in Korean fusion cuisine. Rex enjoyed the cho sum bowl loaded with kimchi fried rice, bulgogi, kimchi, vegetables, and korilla sauce. If you...

Want to try a new diet? Try adding nuts to yogurts. (Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Health Tip of the Week: Do as the Romans Do

March 7, 2013

By NINA BERGBAUER Contributing Writer Published: March 5, 2013 As the saying goes, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” If you’ve ever dined in Italy,...

A Shabby-Looking Greek Restaurant  Serves Up A Delicious Authentic Meal

A Shabby-Looking Greek Restaurant Serves Up A Delicious Authentic Meal

November 6, 2012

By REX SAKAMOTO Asst. Features Editor Published: November 6, 2012 Every time I walk down Columbus Avenue into Hell’s Kitchen I pass by a ...

VIDEO: Mo' Problems: Episode 3, Food Hangups

VIDEO: Mo’ Problems: Episode 3, Food Hangups

October 8, 2012

By MONIQUE JOHN Opinions Editor Published: October 10, 2012 Think you have food issues? In the third episode of OBS TV's series, Mo' Prob...

Left to right: Morning Star Restaurant, whose BLT earned a 1/5 rating; The Olympic Flame BLT, Rex’s favorite of the three; The Flame Restaurant, just three blocks from Fordham. (Rex Sakamoto/The Observer)

Hell’s Kitchen BLTs Are a Heavenly Late Night Snack

October 4, 2012

By REX SAKAMOTO Asst. Features Editor Published: October 4, 2012 Mustering the energy and focus to work through the night on a paper that shoul...

Thailand Is Closer Than You Think at Noodies

September 19, 2012

By REX SAKAMOTO Asst. Features Editor Published: September 19, 2012 After watching Anthony Bourdain...