Five Cool Food Places to Try this Semester


For foodies and dessert lovers like myself, there is no place better than New York City to delve into some edible adventures. With countless restaurants coming up with new, interesting ways to serve classic food items, it is pretty much impossible to get bored of the culinary creations born in the Big Apple. After taking a trip to all of these places over this past summer, I can personally guarantee you that these five establishments are worth the hype.

  1. Black Tap

If you are from New York City, you have definitely at least heard of Black Tap, the underground hamburger joint most well known for their amazing dessert shakes. Not only are the shakes more than worth of their reputation, with options from cake batter flavored to peanut butter chocolate pretzel (my personal favorite), but the food is well above average. As someone who does not eat burgers, I was still able to greatly enjoy the guacamole and sweet potato fries. Even for those who are not big on shakes- go with a friend who will drink the shake while you eat what’s on top of the glass! With cups topped with brownies and peanut butter cups, these shakes double as solid and liquid dessert that few can resist.

  1. Amorino

Located right around Times Square within walking distance from Fordham, Amorino is a gelato parlor that pairs a delicious creamy dessert with the beauty of a flower. With the option to add as many flavors as you like, Amorino tops your cone with a colorful assortment of gelato in the shape of a rose. Or if you choose to eat from a cup, you have the option of adding a macaron to the top of your frozen treat. The chocolate hazelnut is definitely a flavor I would recommend, along with the dark chocolate and speculoos spread flavor. Choosing all three mixed together is out of this world!

  1. Vinnie’s Pizzeria

This one may be a bit of a trip, but the photos you get to post after a trip to Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg,Brooklyn are worth the travel. Vinnie’s serves above average pizza- in a box made of pizza. With the bottom of the box made from a sicilian pie, topped with a regular round pie (the pizza within the box), and the top of the box made of a delicious garlic bread crust, Vinnie’s is unparalleled in originality. The pizza within a pizza is a fun treat to share with friends, but if you are looking for something smaller, feel free to try their pie topped with tiny pizza slices. Besides providing a delicious meal, Vinnie’s is worth it for the photo op.

  1. Holey Cream

If you are looking to stay local and just grab a quick treat after class, Holey Cream is just a few blocks away from Fordham Lincoln Center. While donuts may not seem like an original creation on their own, Holey Cream takes them to a whole(y) new level. The small dessert place allows customers to create their own donuts, with the option to add ice cream and make a donut ice cream sandwich. Holey Cream is perfect for the busy Fordham student that needs their dessert fix but just doesn’t have the time to take a walk- they deliver! Fresh donuts delivered straight to your dorm… can it get any better than that?

  1. Max Brenner’s

This is a sit down dinner place that may be better if planned in advance, but it is definitely worth the trip. With amazing dinner options like, mac and cheese, burgers, a combination of the two or flatbreads among others, it is a good choice for a meal. But the main course at Max Brenner’s is dessert. They are known for their unbelievably delicious chocolate creations,  like the dessert pizza with options of chocolate sauce and marshmallow, banana or hazelnut toppings. You can even take dessert on the go with the chocolate syringe, which is literally a plastic syringe filled with chocolate syrup that you can shoot right into your mouth- the only way a true chocolate addict would take it.

All of these places are definitely great options for those who want a little adventure this semester. Whether you are new to the city or are just looking to explore some places you haven’t yet been to, these creative food places are worth having a taste of.