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Free speech on college campuses is essential, and if done right, it's easier than one might think.

Free Speech Belongs on College Campuses

December 5, 2018

It is possible to sit in a room with someone you disagree with and discuss what the issues are and then walk out of that room as friends.

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We Are Not the Enemy

August 16, 2018

As a nation, we must come to the defense of honest, courageous journalism — the type of truth that shocks, angers and liberates.

Roger Stone has resorted to insults based on race or gender and threats of violence when arguing against others. (COLIN SHEELEY/THE OBSERVER)

Is Roger Stone’s Hateful Rhetoric Still Free Speech?

November 16, 2017

Many moral issues are black and white to me, in that there is often an answer to which I am inclined...

Freedom of Speech: How Much is Too Much?

Freedom of Speech: How Much is Too Much?

March 28, 2014

By TYLER BURDICK Staff Writer Published: March 28, 2014 The right of freedom of speech has been the focal point of one of the most important and long-lasting...