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It wouldn't be finals season without Quinn Library being full of students getting some last minute studying in.

A Final Ode to Finals

December 17, 2019

Finals season has arrived in my life like a hurricane and just as quickly swept away. Where there once was a crowded library, students screaming on the plaza and last-minute studying, only silence and the posting of final grades remain.

Getting through finals can be hard, but there are some ways that students can reduce stress.

Finals Survival Guide: Getting Over the Finals Slump

May 6, 2019

Contributing Writer, Etta Shaw, offered some tips and tricks that she compiled with the help of some upperclassmen for getting through finals season.

By selecting a consistent and healthy diet early on in the semester, students can better succeed during finals week. (JENNIFER KHEDAROO/OBSERVER ARCHIVES)

A Healthy Diet Can Cut Down on Finals Stress

December 10, 2016

By MOHDSHOBAIR HUSSAINI Sports & Health Editor Maintaining a healthy diet is paramount during...

FCLC students will be able to have literal all-nighters in Quinn Library during finals week. (Photo illustration by Maddy Chambers/The Observer)

Quinn Library Open 24 Hours During Finals

December 7, 2011

By FAITH HEAPHY Editor-in-Chief Published: December 7, 2011 From Dec. 9 through Dec. 20, th...

Can I Get That To Go? Take-Home vs. In-Class Exams

December 7, 2011

Students and Professors Share Their Thoughts on Different Kinds of Final Exams  By SARA AZOULAY Ph...

‘Tis the Season To Cram for Finals

June 6, 2011

By Laura Marostica Staff Writer Published: December 11, 2008 Have you ever noticed that, right about now, the library is suddenly more crowded than you’ve ever seen it? For college students, December is the month for stuffing your brain with what you did not learn this semester—before doom, also known as fin...