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MOHDSHOBAIR HUSSAINI, Sports & Health Editor Emeritus

Rams Look To Continue Momentum

Rams Look To Continue Momentum

September 17, 2017

With the season now entering its third week, the Fordham University football team looks to continue off its success during week two of play. The first two matchups of the season have both been away games...

The Rose Hill Gymnasium underwent phase one of its renovations this summer, which involved the installation of new lower-level seating. (PHOTO COURTESY OF FORDHAM SPORTS)

Rose Hill Gym Takes On A New Look

September 2, 2017

As students return to the Rose Hill campus for the start of the semester, some may realize a few changes in Fordham athletics. And no, there haven’t been any new additions to Fordham’s currently extensive...

Its imperative for college students to start the semester on a high note health-wise and this can be achieved through proper dieting, exercise and stress management. (EMMA DIMARCO/THE OBSERVER)

A Healthy Start to the Semester

September 2, 2017

It’s September, which means another academic year is officially underway. For the freshman, this means getting acclimated to not only the academics, but the college lifestyle in general. For the upperclassman,...

B.U.F.F.F looks to add a new dimension to the presence of sports on the Lincoln Center campus. (PHOTO COURTESY OF B.U.F.F.F)

New Club Looks to Add Sports On Campus

May 12, 2017

“If you want to be successful in life, there is no other alternative than waking up early, working hard and being energetic. All three conditions can be accomplished by engaging in physical activity.”...

Marc Deitz (FCLC 18) drinks a cup of coffee before class on February 6, 2017 in Soho, NYC. (ASEAH KHAN/THE OBSERVER).

Study Suggests Caffeine Improves Academics

April 17, 2017

The average college student will be seen with certain essentials. These necessities consist of a pocketbook or backpack, textbooks and of course, a bottle of water. But, there’s one fundamental object...

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf spoke at an event hosted by the MSA. (COURTESY OF MSA/FACEBOOK)

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Reflects on Faith and Basketball

March 9, 2017

On Mar. 2, 2017, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, a former National Basketball Association (NBA) player visited Fordham Lincoln Center. He was in attendance for an event hosted by the Muslim Students Association (MSA),...

The Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots look to face off on the gridiron in Super Bowl LI. (PHOTO COURTESY OF TEXAS.713 VIA FLICKR)

Who Will Win Super Bowl 51?

February 5, 2017

MATTHEW MCCARTHY Managing Editor New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick has made a habit of capitalizing on the mistakes opposing teams make. If the Patriots can take advantage of the Atlanta...

Students should start the new year with a resolution to live a healthier lifestyle by managing their diet. (EMMA DIMARCO/THE OBSERVER)

Keeping the New Year’s Resolution

January 26, 2017

“The key part to reaching a resolution—whether it’s weight loss or something specific, such as running a marathon—is for it to be something you absolutely desire and is achievable.” These are...

By selecting a consistent and healthy diet early on in the semester, students can better succeed during finals week. (JENNIFER KHEDAROO/OBSERVER ARCHIVES)

A Healthy Diet Can Cut Down on Finals Stress

December 10, 2016

Maintaining a healthy diet is paramount during any point of the semester, but especially during stressful periods such as midterms and finals. However, students sometimes put off the importance of taking...

Greater accessibility to technology and devices makes it easier for students to stay on top of their health. (JASON WANG/THE OBSERVER)

Health Technology Enhances Student Wellness

November 19, 2016

The life of a college student is dominated primarily by academics, but attention to one’s health is equally necessary. As Jennifer Huang, APN-BC, put it, “An emphasis on self-care is important.”...

Yankee Stadium will host the 2016 Ram-Crusader Cup, a storied rivalry between Fordham and Holy Cross.  (PHOTO COURTESY OF DEX(07)/FLICKR)

Fordham Prepares for Ram-Crusader Cup

October 15, 2016

For some, when they think of November, the images that come to mind are Thanksgiving and Black Friday. For students, the month of November is a reminder of the last weeks of the semester before finals...

The Taekwondo Club helps students stay physically active, while learning martial arts. (SOPHIE DAWSON/THE OBSERVER)

Staying Active on Campus Just Became Easier

September 29, 2016

Many things set apart the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. The Rose Hill campus is in the heart of the Bronx, rooted in the culture of Fordham Road. The Lincoln Center campus, on the other hand,...


Faith Drives Anderson Towards Success

September 14, 2016

“I honestly ask myself that a lot. What is worth all the work? I have been blessed to play football. There are a lot of people that love the game of football and can’t play as long as they’d want...

After practicing all summer Fordham’s football team hopes to continue its recent run of success. (PHOTO BY: ANDREA GARCIA/THE OBSERVER)

Looking Forward To Fordham Fall Sports

August 26, 2016

While the fall 2016 semester is right around the corner, Fordham’s athletic teams are already in full swing. These student athletes have been practicing vigorously during the past few weeks in...

As final exams approach, students can better prepare mentally and physically both inside and outside the classroom. (JESSE CARLUCCI/THE OBSERVER)

The Key to Thriving During Finals

May 5, 2016

With the stress and anxiety of finals piling up, many students may be worried and questioning why they appear so tired and can’t get enough sleep each night. One can’t blame students for the plethora...

Breiner, one of the youngest college football coaches at age 31, plans to continue his enthusiastic approach to practice for the whole season. (PHOTO BY ANDREA GARCIA/THE OBSERVER)

New Coach Leads On and Off the Field

April 20, 2016

If he could go back and tell his college self anything, it’d be, “to be excited for what’s going to happen in the next 10 years. Have a more distant view and not always look at what’s right in...

Fitbit’s wireless syncing feature enables users to access their activity data across all online devices. (Photo Courtesy of Tom Wallace/ Minneapolis Star Tribune via TNS)

Fitbit Technology is the Key to a Healthier Lifestyle

April 7, 2016

Since the Lincoln Center campus is located in the heart of New York City, walking is no longer just for enjoyment, but a necessity. Whether it’s walking to and from a work-study position or trekking...

Fordham currently holds the eighth seed in the Atlantic-10 basketball tournament. (ANDREA GARCIA/THE OBSERVER)

Fordham Basketball: The New Cinderella in Town

March 11, 2016

The months of January and February were not the most fruitful for the Fordham men’s basketball team. They lost 10 out of the 16 games they played, which is not the track any team would want to be on...

The Pager App is attempting to change the way college students reach out to local physicians. (JESSICA HANLEY/THE OBSERVER)

Pager: The Future of Healthcare

March 9, 2016

The life of any New York City college student revolves around schoolwork, socializing, exploring and working. Students are concerned about everything and anything, except the most important thing: their...

The Fordham Rams continue their 2016 Atlantic 10 Season. (PHOTO COURTESY OF FORDHAM SPORTS)

Men’s Basketball Finishes Week Strong Against Richmond, UMass

February 19, 2016

Only three weeks of regular season basketball remain for the Fordham men's varsity team. Thus far, the Rams have amassed a 13-11 overall record and a 4-9 conference record. It is evident that Coach Jeff...

The Fordham Men’s Basketball team is looking to finish the season on a positive note. (ANDREA GARCIA/THE OBSERVER)

Fordham Basketball Begins February with Mixed Results

February 10, 2016

The month of January is behind us. That means that midterms are in just a few weeks. That also means that there is just one more month of regular season basketball for Fordham’s men’s varsity team....

Mens Basketball anticipates a basket during the January 20th home match against George Mason. (PHOTO BY ANDREA GARCIA/ THE OBSERVER)

Fordham Men’s Basketball Continues Struggles

January 31, 2016

As the month of January comes to an end,  only one month of regular season basketball remains for Fordham's men's varsity team. Coach Jeff Neubauer and his team were unable to capitalize on their conference...

Fordhams Lauren Holden, FCRH 19, calls a play on the court earlier this season. (Robert Cole/Fordham Sports)

Basketball Game Attendance Continues To Be a Problem

January 30, 2016

This season, Fordham basketball has created excitement on campus. Many have looked at the success that Coach Jeff Neubauer has brought the men’s basketball program. Others, however, argue that the continued...


Which Team Will Win Super Bowl 50?

January 28, 2016

THOMAS O’CALLAGHAN Staff Writer Following a near perfect season at 15–1, the Carolina Panthers have aspirations of hoisting this year’s Lombardi Trophy, and they seem to be the most complete team...


Fordham Men’s Basketball Continues Conference Play

January 26, 2016

While many Fordham students were out of class during the past month, this wasn't the case for the Fordham men's basketball team. Their classroom became the Rose Hill Gym and their homework was preparing...


Fordham Men’s Basketball Extends Winning Streak

December 3, 2015

With another week on the hardwood in the books, the Fordham men's basketball team improved to a 5-1 overall record for the season. This past week featured two New York City "Battle of the Borough" matchups...


New Coach Brings Hope to Fordham Basketball

December 2, 2015

For new members of the Fordham family, Jeff Neubauer appears to be the savior of Fordham men’s basketball. However, for those who have been around for a while, this program has long since fallen from...

Fordham Basketball team practices on the basketball court. (PHOTO BY LAUREN MACDONALD/ THE OBSERVER)

Men’s Basketball Has Exciting Second Week

December 2, 2015

With week two of the Fordham men's basketball season in the books, the Rams stand with an overall record of 3-1. As they headed into the Thanksgiving break, Coach Jeff Neubauer and his squad hosted both...

The Ram’s soccer team practices in preparation for the Atlantic-10 Tournament (PAOLA JOAQUIN ROSSO/THE OBSERVER).

Fordham Men’s Soccer Finishes Roller Coaster Season

November 21, 2015

Vince Lombardi, a Fordham alumnus and sports legend, once said, “The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.” The Fordham University soccer team exemplified...


Rams Look to Beat Bison

November 7, 2015

With the first Saturday of November right around the corner, there's a new animal in town. The Fordham Rams football team will be hosting the Bison from Bucknell University in what will be the last home...


The Rams Strive for Six Straight Wins

October 22, 2015

It's not every day when you see a college football team win five straight games. However, when it does happen, you must be sure to not miss out on the action. Your next opportunity to keep up with the...

Fordham lines up for an extra point after scoring against Villanova earlier this season. (Luke Momo/The Observer)

Fordham Heads into First Patriot League Battle

October 5, 2015

It's week five of Fordham University's football season. It's Fordham's first Patriot League matchup of the season. It's also Fordham's opportunity to add another win to its current record of 3-1. Standing...

Chase Edmonds, Fordhams starting running back, is one of the best in the Football Championship Division. (ERIC DEARBORN/COURTESY OF FORDHAM SPORTS)

Humble Beginnings Bring Success for Edmonds

October 5, 2015

Try to flash back in time and think of those days you played sports - those days when you were asked about your career goal, and you answered “athlete.” Many of us used to play sports in high school,...

Fordhams defense looks to supplement its potent offense. (LUKE MOMO/THE OBSERVER)

Fordham Prepares for “Battle of the States”

September 25, 2015

Jack Coffey Field will be home to the "Battle of the States" this upcoming Saturday, when Fordham University hosts Monmouth University. Call it an Empire State vs. Garden State duel if you will. The 1:00...

The Rams offense gained most of their yards through the air on Saturday. (LUKE MOMO/THE OBSERVER)

Rams Oust Lions on Homecoming

September 21, 2015

It's not every day you see Fordham football legends, alumni, and students all come together on a Saturday in mid-September. But, when it does happen, you know you're in for a treat and Fordham University's...

Fans packed the Jack Coffey Field during the first home game earlier this season. (Luke Momo/The Observer)

Fordham Football Prepares for Homecoming

September 18, 2015

A Tale of Two Teams. This best explains the rivalry between the Columbia Lions and Fordham Rams. And what better way to live up to this hype than this weekend's Liberty Cup and Homecoming matchup between...

Fordham Rams face off against Columbia Lions at home opener on Saturday, September 12. (PHOTO BY LUKE MOMO/THE OBSERVER)

Fordham Falls Short in Home Opener

September 15, 2015

A forecast of showers didn't deter Fordham fans from packing the Jack Saturday night in what was the Rams' football home opener against the Villanova Wildcats. The 6:05 p.m. kickoff marked the 30th all...

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