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a photo of the hamilton marquee on broadway to represent arts , put side-by-side with madison square garden to represent sports

Heat Check: Sports vs. Arts

October 21, 2020

Live sporting and performance events were both interrupted by the pandemic, but sports have since found strategies and support to return that the arts still lack.

The New Normal: Class in Central Park

October 19, 2020

Professor Chris Toulouse and his students discuss what's it like to teach and take a class in Central Park during the COVID-19 pandemic.

girl sitting on a bed looking at a laptop screen

Is Sitting Really That Bad?

October 17, 2020

While working from home, many people are sitting more. This may have some negative ramifications for physical health.

a graphic illustration showing the covid-19 reponse of fordham, columbia, and NYU. Fordham: infection rate 0.30%, total cases 30, assigned grade B-. Columbia: infection rate 0.06%, total cases 15, assigned grade B+. NYU: infection rate 0.16%, total cases 294, assigned grade B

Reopening in a Hotspot: Fordham’s COVID-19 Response Compared to Other NYC Schools

October 15, 2020

Despite recieving an F for COVID-19 communication, Fordham has managed to keep COVID-19 case relatively low on campus compared to other NYC schools.

Anthony Barfield, center, in a music studio

Live Music Remains Unconquered

October 14, 2020

In a time when we must be socially distanced, Barfield figured out a way to create live music in the same space as others.

shop window with the words

Indoor Dining Reopens in NYC For the First Time In Seven Months

October 14, 2020

With cases reemerging in the city, indoor dining has become a point of concern, and with the city getting colder, restaurants are facing mounting pressure to allow patrons inside.

blue poster on a pole with a mother and daughter on it that reads,

Preparing for the Flu Season in a ‘Twindemic’

October 11, 2020

As of Oct. 5, there have been nearly 7.5 million coronavirus cases in the U.S. Now, the country must prepare for flu season.

map of rio grande valley (RGV) in texas

Why COVID-19 Continues to Devastate My RGV Community on the Border

October 8, 2020

While other states recovered, the Rio Grande Valley, or RGV, continued to struggle with COVID-19. Though the odds have always been stacked against us, we are determined to survive.

a first-year student in McKeon Hall sits at her desk by a window as she takes an online class on her laptop

First-Years Adjust to an Unprecedented First Semester

October 2, 2020

As first-years matriculate to campus, they are trying to have as normal of a semester as possible.

blue light glasses graphic

Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

October 1, 2020

With increased screentime due to the COVID-19 pandemic, blue light glasses have risen in popularity despite questionable evidence regarding their effectiveness.

Customers sitting outside dining at Nobu restaurant

New York: Putting the ‘in’ in Dining

September 30, 2020

Indoor dining is set to open on Sept. 30 at 25% capacity for restaurants in New York City following months without it.

bar graph of coronavirus information

Testing Misinformation: Staying Informed and Safe in the Internet Age During a Pandemic

September 30, 2020

In the case of COVID-19, online misinformation may be due to the United States’ poor performance handling the virus than other countries.