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Fine Arts Classes Adapt to Online Learning

Fine Arts Classes Adapt to Online Learning

April 1, 2020

Dance, theater and visual arts students are being presented with a learning curve as their hands-on, physicality-focused classes must now fit within the framework of Zoom.

Marina Vergara, FCLC '22, entered Fordham on a certain path. But as she begins her sophomore year, she finds herself on a different one.

A Girl in Flux

August 25, 2019

Marina Vergara, FCLC '22, was set on the path to professional dance for most of her life. That is, until her freshman year. When mental illness turned the one thing she loved against her, she had to make a change for the sake of her well-being. While it may be normal for someone to change his major, it's difficult to make that change when you've been working towards one thing for most of your life.

Amanda Egan and Siobhan Murray are two of 32 seniors from the Fordham/Ailey B.F.A. Program. Like some of their peers, they plan to audition for professional dance companies.

Fordham/Ailey BFAs Go Out With a Bang (And a Battement)

May 1, 2019

Seniors from the B.F.A. program, Amanda Egan and Siobhan Murray, discuss the Senior Showcase and reflect on life after the Ailey School.

Students Discuss Double Majoring in Dance and Theology at Senior Showcase

April 16, 2014

By RAMONA VENTURANZA News Co-Editor Published: April 16, 2014 Can a discipline like theology be incorporated in the arts? On Thursday, April 10, three BFA ...

Ailey Host Fordham BFA Benefit Performance

Ailey Host Fordham BFA Benefit Performance

March 4, 2013

  By KARA JAGDEO Staff Writer Published: March 2, 2013 An exclusive benefit concert will once again be ho...