Ram Jams: Psychedelic Rock Band The Brandy Alexanders Releases Debut Album

The self-titled nine-track album introduces the band’s captivating, dream-like sound



The Brandy Alexanders released their debut album on Dec. 10, 2021.


Genre: Psychedelic Rock

On a Playlist With: Foxygen, Yot Club and Tame Impala

Psychedelic rock band The Brandy Alexanders released their first self-titled album following the debut of their first three singles. The Ontario-based band is headed by brothers Alexander and Daniel Dick, the former of whom founded the band in 2016. The band is further made up of lead guitarist Sean Shepherd, bassist Zack Vivier and drummer Robbie Cervi. 

The band name hails from the infamous cocktail that led to John Lennon’s “lost weekend,” where he became so intoxicated that he was kicked out of the famed Troubadour rock club with his drinking partner Harry Nilsson. 

“That’s what we’ll name ourselves,” Daniel Dick recalled saying to the group, “The Brandy Alexanders!”

The Brandy Alexanders’ instrumental style is heavily influenced by that of Tame Impala and The Stones.

The band worked on the nine-track album throughout the pandemic, finally releasing it to the public on Dec. 10. The album features their three songs “Ceiling Fan, Man,” “Shiram” and “Conventional Lie,” all of which boast the band’s signature blend of folk-rock instrumentals and existential lyrics. The album also unveils six new tracks, all of which showcase the band’s versatile writing style. From synth-pop beats to epic rock ballads, The Brandy Alexanders play it all.

The album begins with the band’s debut song, “Ceiling Fan, Man.” The opening riff is reminiscent of the slow, strong melodies of the lead guitar in Tame Impala’s song “Cause I’m A Man” from his album “Currents.” The Brandy Alexanders’ instrumental style is heavily influenced by that of Tame Impala and The Stones, an ethereal musical element that is consistently featured throughout the album. 

The song “Conventional Lie,” their most recent single prior to the album, was the seventh track featured on “The Brandy Alexanders.” The melancholy song confronts the listener with heavier themes, warning of the dangers of blind beliefs and misconceptions. The first two lines of the chorus ask the listener, “Does it put you to sleep or in a better state of mind?” 

Though it was a new release,  “Conventional Lie” was actually written in 2012. Versions of the song have made appearances at their concerts, but the track was not released until Nov. 3 of this year. 

“The track changed a lot throughout the years,” Daniel Dick said. “We really solidified it two or three years ago.”

The song that The Brandy Alexanders are most excited about on their recent album is their six-minute closer, “Spaceopus.” The rock ballad incorporates guitar riffs that echo those of Blue Oyster Cult while also brandishing the band’s talent with dominating instrumentals. The track includes multiple guitar and keyboard solos, and it leaves the album at an intriguing ending with its final 30 seconds of unorganized sound. 

“The album was mainly influenced by The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Beatles’ psychedelic sound.” Daniel Dick, lead singer of The Brandy Alexanders

Though the ballad is less lyrical than other songs featured on the album, it still has a narrative. When reflecting on the writing process, Daniel Dick laughed and said, “We just opened up a European history textbook and picked out a story.” The story, it turned out, was “King Leopold’s Ghost,” a famed Congolese story that embodies the grandiosity of the album finale.

As for the other tracks on the album, The Brandy Alexanders revealed that their sound would be a bit heavier, with stronger chord progressions and more melancholy lyrics. Their psychedelic folk-rock style, combined with the variety of themes throughout their songs, produces a uniquely diverse listening experience that also pays homage to many different musical eras and icons. 

“The album was mainly influenced by The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Beatles’ psychedelic sound,” Daniel Dick said, reflecting on where the band drew inspiration from throughout the writing process.

The Brandy Alexanders’ self-titled album and singles are available for listening on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, iHeartRadio and Deezer. 

the brandy alexanders in a press photo in a 70s style living room
The Brandy Alexanders are heavily influenced by the psychedelic sound of the Beatles, as well as Tame Impala and the Rolling Stones. (COURTESY OF TRAVIS LATHAM)

The Bottom Line: The Brandy Alexanders’ signature sound is a wonderfully modern take on psychedelic rock, pulling inspiration from musical icons throughout the ages, from Tame Impala to The Beatles. Their newest album is just the beginning of their musical journey.

The Peaks: “Ceiling Fan, Man,” “Conventional Lie,” and “Spaceopus”

The Valley: “Hey, Why’d You Do It”

The Verdict: 8/10