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ALYANA VERA, Staff Writer

Alyana Vera is a Political Science and English major. You can read more of her work in the Arts and Culture section of the Fordham Observer, where she regularly contributes music-related articles. If you want to keep up with what she's listening to or what show she's headed to next, you can follow her on Instagram.

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Majewski uses her platform as a SiriusXM radio host to elevate other women in the music industry.

Alumni Spotlight: Lori Majewski

February 5, 2020
FCLC and The Observer alum Lori Majewski delves into the story of her career and how she landed her own SiriusXM show.
The responsibility of protecting women’s right to live freely should fall on society — not individual women.

Stop Limiting Women, Start Protecting Them

December 4, 2019
I’m tired of being told what I can’t do, what I can’t say, where I can’t go and when I can’t be out just because regulating women’s behavior is easier than calling for the societal change necessary to make violence against women stop
The NYPD sent a letter to the Rolling Loud music festival requesting that five of the acts be removed stating that they had been involved in recent city violence.

Rolling Loud Needs to be the Last Time the NYPD Criminalizes Artists

October 30, 2019

The weekend of Oct. 12, Rolling Loud held its inaugural New York City festival at Citi Field. What was meant to be a celebration of hip hop — more than 40 years after it was founded in the Bronx —...

The Britanys are using technology to engage fans in an unprecedented way: the band is uploading new material to a public Google Drive in real time.

The Britanys to Play at Rod’s

October 16, 2019
The Bushwick-based band talks about how they are using technology to foster interaction and community with their fans.
Pom Pom Squads front woman, Mia Berrin, poses within a soccer net to promote her latest EP.

‘I Belong to Myself’: An Interview with Pom Pom Squad’s Mia Berrin

September 17, 2019
Pom Pom Squad frontwoman Mia Berrin talks about her latest EP, “Ow,” and being confident in her artistry, words and emotions.
This July saw The Chats, Yeah Baby, Pom Pom Squad, Grace Ives and Pixx playing concerts in the city.

A Month in Concerts

August 25, 2019
The July heat wave didn't stop people from packing NYC venues to see local and international rock bands.
Souly Had has built his brand on experimenting with sound but ultimately developing his own.

‘Sound Like Yourself’: An Interview with Souly Had

August 13, 2019
R&B singer Souly Had went from posting an Amy Winehouse cover to being signed by her record label.
The enigmatic band played back-to-back concerts in NYC this past month, to equally estranged and enthralled audiences.

Summer Sounds: Black Midi Move with a Purpose, But What Is It?

July 29, 2019
The band eschews much of the engagement and clear meaningfulness associated with musicians, but have still drummed up a lot of attention.
Native Sun used music to tell the story of an immigrant at a recent benefit concert for RAICES.

Rock and RAICES

July 19, 2019
Native Sun, Stuyedeyed and Superbloom headlined a benefit concert to raise money for refugee aid.
The Shops at Columbus Circle and various other NYC shops, clubs and museums are hosting special events to celebrate Pride Month.

Pride Guide

June 12, 2019
A guide to the many Pride events happening in the city this month.
Halloween costumes imitating real cultures are a point of debate every October. (THOMAS HAWK VIA FLICKR)

Dear Cultural Appropriators

October 26, 2017

Dear cultural appropriators: your act is getting old. For what seems like the millionth time, culturally aware people all over the United States are reminding their friends, families and random strangers...

There are multiple events to attend to celebrate Latin American Heritage Month. (Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper Installation VIA FLICKR)

Latin America Is Only A Subway Stop Away

September 30, 2017

Latinx Heritage Month officially started on Friday, September 15 and will last until October 15. During the month, events will be taking place on-campus and off-campus to celebrate and educate attendees...

Laverne Cox is a trailblazer in the transgender community. (KOMUNEWS/FLICKR)

The Importance of Actresses Using Their Platforms

March 9, 2017
There is a long history of women protesting and advocating for their rights; from Seneca Falls to the Women’s March on Washington, the fight has raged on and inspired generations around the world.
Moonlight, starring Mahershala Ali, is nominated for several awards at this years Oscars Ceremony. (ALYANA VERA/THE OBSERVER)

The New Future of African-American Cinema

February 27, 2017
The past six months have seen a radical change in the way that stories about black people, particularly in film, are being told and how they are being received by the broader public and awards shows.
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