Latin America Is Only A Subway Stop Away


There are multiple events to attend to celebrate Latin American Heritage Month. (Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper Installation VIA FLICKR)


Latinx Heritage Month officially started on Friday, September 15 and will last until October 15. During the month, events will be taking place on-campus and off-campus to celebrate and educate attendees on Latino history and culture. While the existence of such months help to keep multiculturalism in the minds of the American public, it is important to remember that the celebration of diversity should continue past the end of this specific month. If America wants to truly move past racial and ethnic factionalism and create a society where all people can thrive, it is important to embrace the cultural history of other heritages in everyday life. If you feel like your understanding of Latinx culture is lacking, or if you simply want to celebrate this heritage month, I suggest you look at these events.

  1. Harlem: An Artist’s Perspective

El Museo del Barrio is hosting “Haiti, Brooklyn, Harlem: An Artist’s Perspective” on October 3 from 5:30-8 p.m. This event is a tour through the museum’s current exhibitions with a talk by Tessa Mars, the Artist-in-Residence and Shelley Worrell. Both artists will speak on the ways that Caribbean perspectives, both in the Caribbean and in the diaspora, influence their work. Read more about this tour here.

2. “If You Could Walk In My Shoes

The Graduate Center (CUNY) is screening the documentary, “If You Could Walk In My Shoes,” on October 4 . Hosted by the Center for Latin American Caribbean & Latino Studies, “If You Could Walk In My Shoes” follows Ecuadorian Roberto Marquez and his life as an undocumented immigrant, and his family’s path towards citizenship. Read more about the event here.

3. “Sound x Color: Afro-Latinidad Arts SalonEvent

On October 5, head down to Cooper Square to watch “Sound x Color: Afro-Latinidad Arts Salon,” the first in a series of events related to sonic culture and black identity hosted by the NYU Department of Social and Cultural Analysis. This event will feature Bocafloja, a filmmaker and hip-hop artist, and composer Kwami Coleman. It will be salon style, and the topic will be black Latinx consciousness and how it interacts with the art the speakers create. Feel free to RSVP and learn more here.

4.Promesa: The Fiscal Crisis in Puerto Rico and the Debt of Artist” Panel

On October 14, the panel “Promesa: The Fiscal Crisis in Puerto Rico and the Debt of Artist,” will be hosted by El Museo del Barrio. The panel will discuss the debt crisis in Puerto Rico and the implications of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA). To read more about the event, please check out the Facebook event here.

5.AfroLatin@s & the U.S’ Racial Landscape” Dialogue

On October 18, the Caribbean Cultural Center is hosting “AfroLatin@s & the U.S’ Racial Landscape,” a dialogue with Dr. Griselda Rodriguez. The event will center around Afro-latinx people (Latinxs of African-descent) in the United States, how they navigate both identities, the long history of African roots in Latin America and Afro-latinx people can organize in this day and age. If you are interested in attending, please note that there is an entrance fee of $8.00 in advance and $10.00 at the door. Read more about the event here.

Still looking for events to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month? Try visiting, which has events listed related to Latin culture year round. If you are still pressed for ways to celebrate Latino Heritage Month, check Facebook! It’s a great resource for free events. The Office of Multicultural Affairs also sent out a newsletter with several events advertised for Latinx Heritage Month, so feel free to stop by their offices at either 140 W. 62nd Street G41 for Lincoln Center or McGinley Center Room 215 for Rose Hill if you are interested in celebrating this heritage month.

*Perhaps one of the most important things one can do during a month such as Latinx Heritage Month is help those who have been affected by the several earthquakes and hurricanes in Latin America. El Museo del Barrio has posted a helpful resource for relief funds that you can donate to. Other organizations are also collecting supplies to aid Puerto Rico, such as MoMA PS1, which as a drop off location in its lobby from Thursdays to Monday, 12:00pm-6:00pm. Fordham has a Fordham University Emergency Relief Fund that you can donate to during the Month of September at the following drop off locations:

Rose Hill

Office of Campus Ministry – McGinley Center 102

Office of SVP, CFO, and Treasurer (c/o JoAnn Wallace) – FMH 525

Office of VP for Mission Integration and Planning (c/o Tim Bouffard) – Cunniffe House 107

Lincoln Center

Office of Campus Ministry – 140 W. 62nd St., Room 141

Office for Student Involvement – 140 W. 62nd St., Room G33

Office of Residential Life – McMahon Hall 108

Feerick Center for Social Justice (c/o Bob Reilly) – School of Law, Seventh Floor

Center on Religion and Culture (c/o Patricia Bellucci) – Martino Hall 202


Office of Campus Ministry – Room 133

Department of Public Safety – Room 143