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AIDAN LANE, Assistant Features Editor

Aidan Lane, FCLC ‘23, is an assistant features editor for The Observer. They’re a Journalism major minoring in Spanish and New Media and Digital Design. When they’re not looking for people to speak Spanish with, you’ll probably find them in the Lincoln Center practice rooms playing guitar, attempting to learn the drums or listening to every genre imaginable.

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Two children reading pamphlets at a May Day rally.

Labor Organizers Shine During May Day Protests

May 11, 2021
New Yorkers rallied throughout the city to promote workers and call for an end to corporate greed in May Day rallies around Union Square.
Joe VanGostein standing by a tree.

USG President-Elect Joe VanGostein Has Big Plans for Next School Year

April 24, 2021
Joe VanGostein is gearing up for a year of action following his win in the United Student Government presidential election held on April 14.
for an article about mental health, a student sitting at a laptop looking concerned

Mental Health at Fordham: Where We Are and How To Move Forward

March 30, 2021
College students' mental health took a drastic turn for the worse at the start of the pandemic and has continued to do so, but Fordham students met unique challenges not faced on traditional campuses.
portrait of Slav Velkov

Slav Velkov on Life as a Student Filmmaker and His Upcoming Work ‘A New World’

March 24, 2021
The work of filmmaker Slav Velkov encourages people to think critically about the cultural, social and political institutions that govern their lives.