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Art of protestors

The Role of Art During a Revolution

July 8, 2020

Art plays a fundamental role in the advancement of a revolution. By supporting BIPOC artists, audiences can do more than just consuming their art.

Holmquist in handmade pink skirt

Project (Runway) In Quarantine

April 21, 2020

Since the coronavirus left Julianne Holmquist, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’21, back in the company of her sewing supplies, she decided to take advantage of the opportunity and rekindle her long-lost hobby.

This year's fashion week inspired emotions ranging from delight to disappointment to utter disbelief in the styles presented.

The Designer Diaries

October 2, 2019

Five students who attended NYFW discuss the highs, the lows and the unconventional shows that defined the event this year.

Harry Potter Couture

Harry Potter Couture

April 30, 2019

The Hogwarts houses provide endless inspiration for warm-weather wear.

Turn Winter Ball into the Yule Ball with these magical outfits.

Harry Potter Couture: Winter (Yule) Ball

February 19, 2019

Are you ready for Winter Ball? Try these "Harry Potter" fashions to turn Winter Ball into the Yule Ball.

Harry Potter Couture

Harry Potter Couture

December 5, 2018

Harry Potter fans can show off their hours pride with these Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin-inspired winter looks.

Streetwear fashion can be seen from the tunnels of Fordham to the runway of NYFW.

‘Can I Borrow Your Vintage Gucci Belt?’: Streetwear Reigns Supreme

November 13, 2018

Why is she wearing neon green khakis? Why is he wearing a bucket hat three sizes too big? And most i...

The Met’s “Heavenly Body” exhibit melds faith and fashion in a unique look into Catholicism and clothing.

To Respark a Catholic Schoolgirl’s Imagination

November 8, 2018

Walking into the Byzantine and medieval art galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I felt that I wa...

Rachel Antonoff's signature design is the

Rachel Antonoff: Reclaiming the Uterus

March 14, 2018

By OLIVIA LUCAS Contributing Writer People cannot identify a uterus when they see one. Or at least that wa...

Drumm, GSB ‘15, is already succeeding in her career. (COURTESY OF SAVARIA DRUMM)

Alumna Excels as Assistant Fashion Buyer

October 13, 2016

By RUBY BUDDEMEYER Features Co-Editor Where do you picture yourself one year after graduation? Most Fordham University students hope to ...

Fashion Trends Subvert Gender Expectations

September 16, 2016

By KARIN HADADAN Contributing Writer Years ago, the world of fashion was strictly divided in two: womenswear and menswear. In the past five ...