Fordham’s On-Campus Testing Confirms Two Positive Cases at LC



Between Aug. 18 and 31, the two campuses reported a total of five positive cases out of 3,803 tests. Rose Hill’s testing site, pictured, is set up outside O’Hare Hall, and Lincoln Center’s is located within McMahon Hall.

On Sept. 2, Fordham University released the 14-day rolling average of total coronavirus tests conducted by the university at both Lincoln Center and Rose Hill. The tests found two positive cases at the Lincoln Center campus and three positive cases at the Rose Hill campus. 

This information appears on Fordham’s COVID-19 Testing Dashboard, which was created to “illustrate and track the impact” of the pandemic for students and faculty. 

The results encompass tests administered between Aug. 18 and 31. Testing began at both campuses on Aug. 15; it is unclear whether results from tests administered between Aug. 15-17 are included in this data.

Lincoln Center has conducted 1,274 tests and calculates the infection rate to be 0.16%. Rose Hill has conducted 2,529 tests and calculates a 0.12% infection rate. Across both campuses, a total of 3,803 tests were conducted, bringing the overall infection rate to 0.13%. The website states that there is a 24- to 48-hour lag in posting data results due to lab turnover times.

The dashboard will continually be updated with a 14-day rolling average of test results, according to the webpage.

Throughout the past week, students criticized Fordham on social media for its lack of transparency regarding this data. Videos of large student gatherings, both university-sanctioned and not, as well as reports of other schools closing due to outbreaks have prompted concerns about whether COVID-19 will spread on Fordham’s campuses.

This is a developing story; check back for updates.