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a graphic illustration showing the covid-19 reponse of fordham, columbia, and NYU. Fordham: infection rate 0.30%, total cases 30, assigned grade B-. Columbia: infection rate 0.06%, total cases 15, assigned grade B+. NYU: infection rate 0.16%, total cases 294, assigned grade B

Reopening in a Hotspot: Fordham’s COVID-19 Response Compared to Other NYC Schools

October 15, 2020

Despite recieving an F for COVID-19 communication, Fordham has managed to keep COVID-19 case relatively low on campus compared to other NYC schools.

picture of white tents with a red sign in front indicating the tents are for coronavirus testing

Fordham’s On-Campus Testing Confirms Two Positive Cases at LC

September 2, 2020

As of Sept. 2, the tests found two positive cases at Lincoln Center and three positive cases at Rose Hill.