The Top 10 Places to Cry in Public at Fordham Lincoln Center


A convenient on-campus sob session is sometimes necessary to let out pent-up emotions for many a Fordham Lincoln Center (FLC) student. As students get upset over bad grades, messing up on critical presentations, the lack of food options on campus and a plethora of other problems, crying in public is a necessary coping mechanism.

Whether you want everyone around you to see your tears and take pity, prefer a more quiet and private session or are simply looking for some solitude, the FLC campus accommodates us all — residents and commuters alike. This top 10 list of places to cry in public includes the most accessible places for students to cry in order to serve busy schedules and meet the needs of this bustling campus.

10) Student Lounge in Ram Café

Frequently home to club meetings and small events, the Student Lounge offers a prime location to cry with your food from the Ram Café. Although you run a risk of interrupting a club meeting, this space is generally unpopulated and you should not have to worry about running into anyone you know. However, the unpredictability of privacy puts the Student Lounge at number 10 on the list.

9) The Gabelli Trade Room

I know what you’re thinking — how can anyone cry in front of a bunch of stock traders without feeling overwhelming amounts of shame? Fear not: Strategically placing yourself in the middle rows of the lab allows the double computer screens to hide your crying face. This spot is ideal for the Gabelli student on the go who needs a quick bawl. Bonus: making some impulsive investments mid-breakdown might help you earn a little money.

8) The Law School

Will the lawyers judge you? Yes. Will you ever have to worry about seeing them around campus? Probably not. The law school is the perfect location for frequent criers in Lowenstein and the 140 West building that are looking to not be recognized by peers mid-sob session. The law school lobby even offers tall ceilings and comfortable chairs along the wall, so your cries can echo throughout the space.

7) The Couches in the Women’s Bathrooms in Lowenstein

Although this one only applies to users of the women’s bathroom, the couches offer a quick and easy place to cry in Lowenstein. Are you about to fail a test? In the middle of an awful lecture? Don’t feel like participating in class? These couches are a great place to shed some tears for your GPA in a way that fits into your busy class schedule.

6) Behind the Ram Statue on in the Plaza

Show your school spirit by having a quick breakdown behind the ram statue. Although this space offers minimal privacy, it accommodates criers with a love of the outdoors who want to catch some rays while weeping. Bonus: The smell of the halal cart drifting in the air may make you hungry enough to cut your session short and get some food.

5) The 12th Floor of Lowenstein

This floor offers a great place to cry if the bathroom is too crowded in between classes. Despite the occasional event happening, there are plenty of corners to cry in starting the moment you ascend the stairs or take the elevator up. Bonus: the bathrooms on the 12th floor offer an additional opportunity for privacy while crying.

4) The Phone Room by the Mailroom

Do you need to cry but kind of want people to walk by so they feel bad for you? If so, this alcove is the perfect spot to have a complete breakdown in front of the many McMahon residents who happen to be strolling by. With two comforting chairs inside this location, someone may be inclined to stop in and ask you what’s wrong. Bonus: Do you have an ugly crying face? Hide it and get some reading in by using a free copy of The Observer conveniently located nearby.

3) The 6th Floor Pods

The 6th floor pods reign as one of FLC’s top-tier seating places. The pods are the optimal location to cry, get work done and enjoy the best-looking floor in Lowenstein. These pods offer a wall of privacy to block out any onlookers and a convenient table to set your belongings down on. With so many pod options to choose from, they provide a safe place to express the many different kinds of emotional outbursts that may arise — as long as you ignore their stains.

2) The Arbor With Benches Overlooking the Street

The scenic street view of this location coupled with the shade of the arbor makes this spot optimal for nature-loving criers. Weep with an amazing view of the skyscrapers and river keeping you company. This place offers a moment of solitude for the crier who wants to have a moment of self-reflection in the great outdoors.

1) One of the Comfy Chairs Staring Out the Window in the Garden Level Lounge

Strategically located before a large window, you can sob in the comfort of a well-cushioned chair while staring into the distance at the cars and people going by on Columbus Avenue. Sip your drink and eat your snack from Argo Tea while you contemplate all of your life choices. This great spot comes with a view and the added bonus of being able to cry in a crowded room without anyone noticing or caring while they work around you.