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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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EVELYN SIMS, Staff Writer

Evelyn Sims, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’23, is an English major with a fashion studies minor. As both a staff writer and member of the copy editing team, Evelyn appreciates a well structured sentence. When she’s not writing or editing Evelyn can be found thrifting, eating bagels with lox spread or talking about unknown surf-punk bands from California.

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photo of times square at night side by side with cows in a pasture in a small townnight side by side with

Why You Long for NYC When Visiting Your Hometown

December 6, 2020
Since we go to school in New York City, going back to a small town can be a rough reminder as to why you left in the first place.
person standing with arms outstretched and tattoos on their chest, arms and legs

The Inconclusive World of Tattoos in the Workplace

November 11, 2020
How do words or images on a person’s skin dictate whether or not that person is worthy of being called “professional”?
Student looking at computer

Stop Expecting Students to Function Normally During the Coronavirus Pandemic

April 28, 2020
You can’t tell me to carry on with my schoolwork anymore when nothing about my life is anywhere near normal.
Stop Making Offensive Jokes About Coronavirus

Stop Making Offensive Jokes About Coronavirus

April 1, 2020
If you log onto any one of your social media accounts these days, it is likely you will come across someone's attempt to joke about the effects of the coronavirus — but where do we draw the line?
The Top 10 Places to Cry in Public at Fordham Lincoln Center

The Top 10 Places to Cry in Public at Fordham Lincoln Center

March 10, 2020
Whether you want everyone around you to see your tears and take pity, prefer a more quiet and private session or are simply looking for some solitude, the FLC campus accommodates us all — residents and commuters alike.
This is how the world will end: not with a bang but with a rinse cycle.

The McKeon Laundry Room Is a Lawless Land

February 19, 2020
Another laundry room may be wishful thinking, but encouraging students to keep the space clean while being more responsible for their belongings is a start.
Whats the point of likes if they dont make us feel any better?

It’s Time to Take a Break From Instagram

February 5, 2020
The attention your posts get may make you feel noticed and good about yourself, but don’t let this become your basis of self-worth
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