#MyRamRoommate: The Importance of Happy Living


Stuffed animals or other tokens from your bedroom at home will be sure to lighten the mood! (MIchelle Quinn/The Observer)


Roommate communication is always difficult, whether it comes down to cleaning the dishes or bathroom. However, other times often call for necessary action due to the severity of the situation, in which outside mediation is needed. This week’s results brought up multiple topics some may find relevant in their own living situation as a Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) resident.

McMahon resident Britney*, FCLC ’17, experienced a roommate who was at a difficult time in her life. “My roommate signed up for dating sites like sugardaddy.com and started dating middle aged guys, before eventually ending up with a 56-year old man,” she said. “He’d give her $100 for cabs.” Her roommate also abused alcohol, having as much as a bottle and a half of wine per night and other drugs as the year went on, before ultimately leaving Fordham. Since leaving, Britney’s roommate has ceased old habits. If you are living with a roommate who is experiencing hardships, please reach out, whether it is to your roommate or to a Fordham staff member. This is a tricky situation, but regardless, the best solution is to always seek help, whether this be through school officials or the Office of Residential Life.

McMahon resident Dustin*, FCLC ’17, experienced a similar situation with his roommate, who was dealing with clinical depression due to personal problems. While his roommate is doing better, he has since left Fordham, and is continuing his studies elsewhere. “He would cry himself to sleep,” Dustin said. “But he wasn’t willing to seek help, due to the shame he felt it would bring him due to the religious beliefs of his parents.” Dustin knew how to seek help for his roommate who was unwillingly to do so. Dustin had experienced the loss of a friend due to depression and knew how to go about handling the situation with his roommate. Again, if one of your roommates is experiencing depression or difficulty with substances, please speak up, as you are not alone. It is important that both you and your roommate know that help is available here on campus at the Counseling and Psychological Services office, located in McMahon Hall, room 211.

So while communication is an absolute necessity no matter the issue one is facing with their roommate, those with roommates who are experiencing difficult periods in their lives may find it necessary to establish communication and awareness outside of their dorm room, in order to seek help, perhaps professional, if needed. Not only this, but living in a joyous and healthy environment is crucial to allowing oneself to be happy. This being said, any steps that both you and your roommate can take to make your living environment a happy one, should be taken! Because as they say, “live happy, be happy!