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Fordham will suspend all in-person classes for the remainder of the semester.

Fordham Suspends Face-to-Face Classes Through Spring Semester

March 13, 2020

After originally suspending in-person instruction until March 30, the university had extended the suspension to the duration of the semester.

Emergency pipe burst leads to facilities, public safety and a plumber being brought on scene.

Pipe Bursts in McMahon Hall, Displaces Residents

September 18, 2019

The affected students were moved back into their room, but now they face the issue of trying to get compensation for property that was damaged or lost.

After the McKeon closures over winter break, students face housing uncertainty as spring break approaches.

Holiday Closures Confuse Freshmen, Confront Students with Tough Choices

February 20, 2019

Matthew Chen, FCLC ’22 and an international student, recalls being frustrated when he saw the first email from Residential Life in his inbox. “It’s relatively short notice, to do something like that,” he said. “I live 16 hours away by flight, and tickets to Taiwan aren’t exactly cheap.”

If a female student wants to report a Title IX case on campus, her options are almost exclusively male. (GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION BY ESME BLEECKER-ADAMS/THE OBSERVER)

Title IX Gender Disparity Raises Concerns

November 14, 2018

With a predominantly large presence of male staff members heading the Title IX process, questions about its contribution to the number of unreported sexual assault cases seem to emerge.

A defaced poster advertising the Rally for Trans Rights was discovered in a bathroom stalls on Nov. 1. (KEVIN CHRISTOPHER ROBLES/THE OBSERVER)

Rally for Trans Rights Poster Defaced in Bathroom Stall

November 2, 2018

On Nov. 1, Jack Bugbee, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’19, discovered a poster advertising the Rally for Trans Rights vandalized in a stall in one of the men’s restrooms in the Leon Lowenstein building.

Freshmen in a nine-person suite cook dinner in close quarters. (Matt LaBarbera/The Observer)

Influx of Freshmen Forces Triples in McMahon

September 12, 2018

The safari-themed doors of McMahon Hall’s second and fifth floors are teeming with fern leaves and pi...

Students can only have overnight guests of the same sex. (JON BJORNSON/The Observer)

Students Call for Guest Policy Change

October 9, 2017

By KATHERINE SMITH Asst. News Editor College campuses, particularly those in New York City, are no s...

Dean Rodgers Under Investigation for CARE Presentation

September 13, 2017

By COLIN SHEELEY News Editor An investigation headed by Title IX Coordinator Anastasia Coleman and m...

In 2015, there were 34 drug abuse violations and 119 liquor law violations on campus. (PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY KATHRYN HORNYAK/ THE OBSERVER)

Substance Violations Up, Report Says

October 13, 2016

Drug abuse violations and liquor law violations both increased at Fordham in 2015, according to the 2016...

The program aims to connect students with Campus Ministry.  (BEN MOORE/THE OBSERVER)

Peer Ministry Hopes to Expand Faith-Based Programming

September 13, 2016

By MORGAN STEWARD Arts & Culture Co-Editor Fordham Lincoln Center (FLC) saw many new additions to t...

Members of the Office of Residential Life try to resolve roommate conflicts before considering a transfer. (JESSICA HANLEY/THE OBSERVER)

Room Transfers Are Last Resort in Conflicts

November 8, 2015

By ALEX MERRITT Staff Writer Conflict between roommates is something that many college students face. ...

Around 100 students gathered at the meeting held on Thursday. (CECILE NEIDIG/THE OBSERVER)

Mandatory Meetings on “Bias Incidents” held by Res Life

November 4, 2015

By ANA FOTA News Co-Editor The Office of Residential Life at Lincoln Center (LC) organized a seri...