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McShane Maintains Fordham on Upward Trajectory

McShane Maintains Fordham on Upward Trajectory

November 13, 2019

Fordham ranks 74th nationally among colleges and universities in the United States. In addition, Fordham maintained some positive movement for the second time in a row, rising from 203 to 176 among 800 national institutions.

Walking from McKeon Hall to the Lowenstein building, students can often feel a mysterious gust of wind pushing them down the

Facilities Director Explains Eerie ‘Wind Tunnels’

February 6, 2019

John McDonagh, director of facilities operations at Lincoln Center, is aware of the phenomenon on the Law School ramp and has offered an explanation.

Mary Bly is one advisor working with President Joseph M. McShane on the task force. (COURTESY OF FORDHAM NEWS AND MEDIA RELATIONS)

Retention Task Force Tackles Recurring Issues

November 14, 2018

On Oct. 18, the Arts and Sciences Council met to speak on various issues facing Fordham University. The council, which is responsible for generating academic recommendations for the whole of the university, raised concerns regarding the retention rates among undergraduate freshmen.

The matter of transgender rights at Fordham Lincoln Center (FLC) has long been a point of contention.

Fordham Students Rally To Support Trans Rights

November 14, 2018

Members of the LGBTQ community and their allies gathered together outside the Lowenstein entrance, holding signs that read “Fordham’s Silence Equals Violence,” and “Trans Rights Are Human Rights” to show their support for those in the trans community and their frustration with the Fordham administration.

A defaced poster advertising the Rally for Trans Rights was discovered in a bathroom stalls on Nov. 1. (KEVIN CHRISTOPHER ROBLES/THE OBSERVER)

Rally for Trans Rights Poster Defaced in Bathroom Stall

November 2, 2018

On Nov. 1, Jack Bugbee, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’19, discovered a poster advertising the Rally for Trans Rights vandalized in a stall in one of the men’s restrooms in the Leon Lowenstein building.

In the wake of President Trump's leaked memo that redefines the term “sex,” Fordham undergraduate and law school activist groups penned an open letter addressed to the Fordham community on Thursday, Oct. 25. (COURTESY OF KRISTEN GIAIMO)

Fordham Allies Demand Improved Rights for Transgender Students

October 25, 2018

On Sunday, Oct. 21, the New York Times leaked a memo from President Donald Trump’s administration outlining a new initiative that would redefine the term “sex,” effectively delegitimizing...

Dean Robert R. Grimes, S.J. (top left) is the longest serving Dean of Fordham College at Lincoln Center. (KYLE MORRISON/THE OBSERVER)

Professor of Psychology Appointed as Dean of Lincoln Center in Grimes’s Leave of Absence

January 27, 2018

Dean Robert R. Grimes, S.J. will take a leave of absence for the 2018 spring semester, according to a...

(Photo Courtesy of Fordham University College Republicans' Facebook page)

McShane Issues Statement on Roger Stone Ahead of Speaking Engagement

October 10, 2017

At 5:01 p.m., Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J. issued a statement on Roger Stone's speaking engagement taking...

Avery Cardinal Dulles Leaves Behind a Legacy of Service

June 6, 2011

Faculty Applaud Dulles for Taking on Controversial Topics By Kathryn H. Cusimano Editor-in-Chief Published: December 29, 2009 “Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., was a man, a priest and a theologian for whom superlatives are wholly inadequate,” Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of Fordham, said in a statement. Dul...

Berrigan Speaks to Freshmen

May 26, 2011

By Ashley Tedesco Contributing Writer Published: September 27, 2007 FCLC—Fordham’s former poet-in-residence, the Rev. Daniel Berrigan, S.J., and author of the play, “The Trial of the Catonsville Nine,” spoke to new Fordham students at the final day of orientation on Sept. 4. The event began with a performance by orientation leaders in the center ai...