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Fordham London Centre Cost, Dissected

Fordham London Centre Cost, Dissected

March 4, 2019

Though the cost of tuition for studying abroad is the same $25,642.50 (the general fee without financial aid) that students on Fordham’s NYC campuses pay, study abroad students pay additional costs that are built into the program they are attending.

A peaceful night in the neighborhood of Trastevere, overlooking a festival held along the Tiber River. (PHOTO COURTESY OF KYLE J. KILKENNY)

A Roman Holiday

August 28, 2016

This past summer, with nearly 30 Fordham Rams from both the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses, I...

FCLC Gallery Coordinator Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock showcases black and white photography from Rome, Italy.  (Courtesy of Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock)

Spotlight Shines on Kalina, Pella-Woo and Apicella-Hitchcock

January 28, 2015

By RAMONA VENTURANZA & LOULOU CHRYSSIDESArts & Culture Editor and Asst. Arts & Culture...

(Tayler Bennett/The Observer)

When in Rome: Fordham’s Summer Programs

May 1, 2014

By JOHN GUERIN Ass. Arts & Culture Editor Published: April 30, 2014 This summer, three classes of Fordham students are studying abroad i...

When in Rome, Take Lots of Pictures

When in Rome, Take Lots of Pictures

November 15, 2012

By LUDOVICA MARTELLA Mutlimedia Staff Published: November 15, 2012 Observer photographer and multimedia s...