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girl with gloves standing in front of boxes filled with maroon Fordham shirts for orientation

Orientation Tests Fordham’s COVID-19 Safety Measures

August 27, 2020

OL training served as a microcosm for the coming semester, as OLs were some of the first to live under Fordham's COVID-19 preventative measures.

a black hand scrolling past an Instagram photo of a black square posted by Fordham with the caption

An All-Online Student Community Wrestles With Racial Injustice on Campus

June 7, 2020

As protests and demonstrations swept over the country, nearly all of Fordham’s online student circles engaged in the conversation. Social media platforms were buzzing with livestreams, stories, posts and comments about George Floyd and police violence. For once, it seemed like other people in America were listening.

a NYC metrocard being pulled out of a wallet with a Fordham ID in it

Fordham’s Financial Steps and Missteps During the Pandemic

May 13, 2020

With pressure from students, faculty and policymakers, Fordham's financial steps during the pandemic became subject to criticism.

Keating Hall, pictured here, is the starting point for players when they enter the Minecraft server. The digital campus is intended to help

Crafta Personalis

April 21, 2020

A Minecraft server created by the founders of the @lc_sinners Instagram has provided a place for students to build stronger relationships among students and relieve coronavirus stress.