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Stephen Bragale, Fordham University PCS ’21, is a staff writer at The Observer. Majoring in English, his goal is to write stories that have a constructive impact on people’s lives. When he isn’t writing, Stephen is probably playing video games, drinking something caffeinated and receiving aggressive messages from Duolingo.

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for video games article, blue background and red and black text stating: 73% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that video games have helped me maintain social contact with friends and family during the pandemic

Fordham Gamers and Streamers Stay Connected During the Pandemic

January 3, 2022
76% of surveyed gamers in the Fordham community believed that video games helped them cope with stress during the pandemic.
todd radnitz speaks on zoom

Senior VP Todd Radnitz From MTV and Paramount+ Gives Career Advice to Fordham Students

November 23, 2021
Aspiring screenwriters in the Fordham community got the chance to interact with TV industry insider Todd Radnitz.
what if characters with colors behind them in a graphic format

‘What If…?’: High on Creativity, Short on Polish

October 30, 2021
Those who joined the massive consensus of positive reviews must have watched a version of the show from an alternate universe.
cartoon graphic of a woman wearing a Fortnite hoodie

Balenciaga’s Collaboration With Fortnite Raises Eyebrows

October 26, 2021
When Fortnite revealed its partnership with Balenciaga last month, the collaboration left a lot of people scratching their heads.
A graphic image of a video game character from Mortal Kombat in a kicking pose.

When Will We See the First Great Video Game Movie?

May 9, 2021
Video game movies are more common now than ever as games have become more narrative driven and creators have turned gaming for inspiration.
person thinks about what news source to consume , favoring social media over newspapers, to accompany an article about instagram meme pages becoming news sources

Meme News at Fordham: Troubling Trend or Trusted Trolls?

November 27, 2020
Students at FLC consider the validity of two student-run meme accounts as news sources for updates on university policies.
flyer advertising safe spaces for students experiencing election stress

CPS Holds Election Week Safe Spaces for Stressed Students

November 11, 2020
Fordham University’s Counseling and Psychological Services held online support groups for students to process election-related stress.
text message exchange that reads who are you voting for? im voting for biden and id prefer not to say... to show the reluctance of conservative students to discuss their beliefs

Conservative Students Hesitate to Share Political Views On Campus

October 28, 2020
Conservative students at Lincoln Center have often found themselves in the minority. A survey of 211 students found that only 10% identified as Republicans or Libertarians.
The reception desk of University Health Services, which oversees COVID-19 testing

New Rounds of COVID-19 Testing

October 14, 2020
All on-campus students and faculty must complete monthly COVID tests. However, who has access to the tests and who pays is still unclear.
Keating Hall on a sunny day

Fordham Ranks 203rd in Social Mobility

October 1, 2020
This year, Fordham placed 66th out of 389 schools in its category in the U.S. News and World Report’s 2021 list of national research universities. Fordham students and officials reflect on the value of the ranking.
A graphic containing the ASILI logo and the words Demands Volume Two

New ASILI Demands Target Public Safety and RAs

September 15, 2020
ASILI, the Black Student Alliance at Rose Hill, is calling for anti-racist reforms at Fordham’s Public Safety Department and Office of Residential Life in an updated list of demands.
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