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Taboule from the Ram Cafe.

Vegan Dining Options for Overbooked Students

September 26, 2018

Fordham is not known for its vegan dining options, but there are a few gems hidden throughout our various e...

The newly renovated Ram Café offers new menu items and stations for students. (LENA ROSE/THE OBSERVER)

Ram Café Renovated For Fall 2018

August 23, 2018

Fordham Dining Services will welcome students back this year with a newly renovated Ram Café. The popula...

Melanie Simeone at the Vegetarian and Vegan Passport stand in the Ram Cafe.

A Day in the Life of Fordham’s Resident Dietician

March 15, 2018

If you happened to pass through the Ram Cafe, Community Dining Hall or Argo Tea during the first week...

(George Horihan/THE OBSERVER)

Managing Your Way Around the Freshman 15

November 19, 2017

As our senior year of high school unfolded, questions of our futures constantly ran through our heads....

It's imperative for college students to start the semester on a high note health-wise and this can be achieved through proper dieting, exercise and stress management. (EMMA DIMARCO/THE OBSERVER)

A Healthy Start to the Semester

September 2, 2017

By MOHDSHOBAIR HUSSAINI Sports & Health Editor It’s September, which means another academic year is ...

Fordham has dropped Sodexo in favor of service provider Aramark (PHOTO BY MICHELLE QUINN/THE OBSERVER)

Fordham Drops Sodexo for Aramark Food Service Provider

April 20, 2016

Starting July 1, Aramark will replace Sodexo as dining service provider across the University. The em...