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girl doing a downward dog pose on her yoga mat

Staying Fit Online: The Guide to YouTube Exercise Videos

May 12, 2020

From simple stretching routines to intense HIIT cardio, YouTube offers a broad range of exercise videos for people of all athletic abilities.

graphic of healthy habits to practice for immune health

Four Ways to Maintain a Healthy Immune System

April 21, 2020

Although there is no scientific link connecting specific lifestyle choices with increased immunity, according to medical professionals, practicing healthy sleep, exercise and nutritional habits and managing stress can all help to maintain regular immune system function.

Bananas are one of a few foods that contain probiotics, which are good bacteria that exist in the stomach.

The Ins and Outs of Digestion

January 28, 2020

Optimal digestion is not always the primary focus of students scrounging for food between classes, internships and other various commitments. Proper nutrition, exercise, hydration and stress management can help students to avoid digestive drama.


Exercising Control over Depression

December 6, 2016

By JADE GRIFFIN Contributing Writer Scientists have long questioned how physical activity impacts...

Elodie Huston, FCLC '17, posing in a table top pose.  (ANDRONIKA ZIMMERMAN/THE OBSERVER)

Yoga: The Perfect Dorm Room Exercise

January 29, 2016

By ELODIE HUSTON Layout Editor Winter Storm Jonas ravaged the streets of midtown Manhattan recently...

(Jessica Hanley/The Observer)

The Struggle To Be Fit Continues at FCLC

September 25, 2014

By ALEXANDER PARTRIDGE Contributing Writer Published: September 23, 2014 Ah, Fordham University. A well-known school with an expensive price tag. There are many p...

Bulking Up: Regimen to Help Pack on Muscle

February 1, 2012

By JASPER CHANG Asst. Sports Co-Editor Published: February 1, 2012 At the beginning of the year, many of us m...

Work it Out: Tips to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Work it Out: Tips to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

November 16, 2011

By JASPER CHANG Staff Writer Published: November 16, 2011 Exercising is a victory in battle,...