The Struggle To Be Fit Continues at FCLC


(Jessica Hanley/The Observer)
(Jessica Hanley/The Observer)

Ah, Fordham University. A well-known school with an expensive price tag. There are many perks of attending a university such as Fordham: small class sizes, brilliant professors, high-tech computer labs, and amenities such as a large, beautiful gym. Well, actually guys, if you want the gym part you will have to go to Rose Hill. 

As any Lincoln Center student knows, our gym could use a little work. In fact, if everything in it was replaced, I do not think many would object. It’s what one may call “dinky.” It’s old.

Having such a small, outdated gym is discouraging for students and deters many of them from exercising there. It is not unlikely that students find themselves standing guard, waiting for a treadmill to open up. How are we going to stop being incorrectly called a “satellite campus” of Fordham if we allow such small, substandard parts to stay? We may have to stay small due to our location, but substandard? Please. This is Lincoln Center. It is true that we are spoiled enough to be able to go for a run in nearby Central Park, but that is no excuse for such a low quality gym.

By its cost and location, one would assume you have to be wealthy to attend Fordham; however, there are many students who were not born with a silver spoon. Paying rent, buying groceries and blowing $200 on a textbook that may only be used a couple of times during the entire semester are just some of the struggles. Should a low quality fitness room with two (very old) working treadmills be on the list to add to the frustration? How much does this school cost again?

The inadequacy of the gym has pushed many to seek other outside options. There are plenty of gym options outside of campus of course, but the prices are often not reasonable by any means. Gyms such as Equinox are located in convenient locations and much nicer but very expensive. Last semester, the YMCA introduced a special membership program available for Fordham students, but it has now gone up from $25 to a whopping $75 per semester. 

Have no fear, Fordham students (especially the broke ones), there is a pretty good solution in the meantime. Thankfully, there is now a Planet Fitness on West 55th Street, just a few buildings down from the Alvin Ailey School. Sure, it is not Equinox by any means, but it costs only $10 a month and has entirely new equipment. It’s a pretty wonderful deal and convenient as well. The gym is large, clean and has TVs to watch while you are working out.

Until something is done about our subpar fitness room, we will have to make do with what is there and not hesitate to voice our concerns with the Fordham community. I encourage students to stay optimistic and take advantage of Central Park, as well as everything else there is to offer around campus. Because let’s face it: Our gym might stink, but we are lucky to be at Lincoln Center.