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Holmquist in handmade pink skirt

Project (Runway) In Quarantine

April 21, 2020

Since the coronavirus left Julianne Holmquist, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’21, back in the company of her sewing supplies, she decided to take advantage of the opportunity and rekindle her long-lost hobby.

Deconstructing the Idea of Gendered Clothing

September 25, 2017

By KILEY CAMPBELL Staff Writer If I haven’t made my being transgender blaringly obvious through ...

Spring Cleaning Empties Closets, Fills Pockets

June 3, 2011

By Brianna Steinhilber Staff Writer Published: May 1, 2008 Spring is finally here, which means it’s time for your clutter to go. And lucky for you, there’s no better place to get rid of it than New York City. Whether you’re facing the daunting task of moving all your stuff out of the dorms or just need to get rid of...