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Face masks have become commonplace in a community fearful of the spread of the coronavirus.

Should You be Wearing a Face Mask This Flu Season?

February 5, 2020

You might see people wearing face masks more often in response to the spread of the coronavirus. Though face masks may help prevent the spread of the virus, both the WHO and CDC do not recommend that healthy individuals wear them. Other precautions may have a bigger impact on protecting you from the coronavirus.

Advocates for clean air host the Great Smokeout each year by occupying a table in the Lowenstein lobby.

Annual Great Fordham Smokeout Spotlights Vaping

December 4, 2019

Since its inception, the primary goal of the Great Fordham Smokeout has been to educate students about the dangers of smoking and decrease smoking on campus. In response to an increase in reporting and nationwide news about the topic, the focus of the 2019 campaign has shifted to vape products and e-cigarettes.

UPDATED: Clearing the Air: Addressing The Misconceptions about “E-Cigs”

October 16, 2019

With nearly 1,200 reports of lung disease and 26 deaths across the country, users are left with questions about what an “e-cig” actually is, and more importantly, what the devices are doing to their health. 

Condoms are contraceptives that also prevent STI transmission. (BRU-NO VIA PIXABAY)

Sexual Health at Fordham: Facts and Prevention

May 2, 2018

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), young people 15 to 24 years old make...

Not only are 49 states reporting widespread flu activity, but the current strains are especially severe (Jon Bjornson/THE OBSERVER)

CDC Reports Widespread Flu in 49 States

January 25, 2018

In the first week of 2018, the rate of influenza-related hospitalizations almost doubled from 13.7 hospitalizations...

A recently-discovered “smoking gene” makes it harder for some to quit. (CRAIG CALEFATE/THE OBSERVER)

Extinguishing Fordham’s Smoking Habit

November 16, 2016

By RUBY BUDDEMEYER Features Co-Editor Every year on the third Thursday of November, the American Can...

The Observer Newsroom, featured above, is dedicated to Casey Feldman, former News Editor. (PHOTO BY EMILY TIBERIO/THE OBSERVER)

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April 16, 2015

By JUSTIN REBOLLO Asst. News Co-Editor Published: March 15, 2015 April is officially National Distrac...

Measles Outbreak: The Controversy Behind Vaccinations

February 26, 2015

By JUSTIN REBOLLOAssistant News Co-EditorPublished: February 26, 2015 Measles outbreaks across America, includ...

Take time for power naps! They’ll keep you healthy and energized. (Paula Madero/The Observer)

Nap Nooks: The New College Craze

February 26, 2015

By MARTIN NUNEZ-BONILLAStaff WriterPublished: February 26, 2015 At Fordham and other colleges around the...

(Courtesy of Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times via TNS)

Choosing Not to Vaccinate Puts Everyone at Risk

February 26, 2015

By CATHERINE ATHERTON Staff WriterPublished: February 26, 2015 In Dec. 2014, seven cases of measles were repor...

The Health Center Office asks anyone who visited affected areas to alert the Office before returning campus.
(Sri Stewart / The Observer)

GO! Ghana Postponed Due to Ebola

November 20, 2014

By HANSINI WEEDAGAMAStaff WriterPublished: November 19, 2014 Fordham University’s latest precautions against Ebola include canceling the upcoming Global Outreach...

Aid workers prepare for contact with a diagnosed Ebola case in Guinea. (courtesy European Commission DG ECHO via Flickr)

The Basics of Ebola with Dr. Van Tulleken

October 8, 2014

By HANSINI WEEDAGAMA Contributing Writer Published: October 8, 2014 Dr. Alexander Van Hoogenhouck-Tulleken, Helen Hamlyn Senior Fellow discusses the Ebola outb...