The Silly Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Silly Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Silly Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

The Observer

TERRY ZENG, Copy Editor Emeritus

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid collaborated with fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger to create a youthful and exciting collection. (PANDALOVEPHOTOGRAPHY/FLICKR)

Celebrity Collaborations Encourage the Young Generation

November 5, 2016
Celebrity collaborations are surely a sales strategy to promote certain brands, but how do celebrities work with these brands?

Taking Initiative is the Key to the Fashion Industry

October 2, 2016
What drove me into the industry was not relations or prestige, but my passion, hope and initiative.
Freshmen students Kimberly Cruz and Nick Howard with their friends on the outdoor plaza. (PHOTO BY TERRY ZENG/THE OBSERVER)

Fordham Welcomes Class of 2020

September 13, 2016
Fordham welcomes the 'visionary' class of 2020 in its dodransbicentennial year.

Fordham’s Growing Number of International Students is a National Trend

May 20, 2016
The number of international students across all Fordham campuses has doubled in the past five years.
Fordhams favorite Snapchat soap opera has ended. (COURTESY OF NICHOLAS ENDO)

“As the Ram Turns”: A Fordham Snapchat Soap Opera

May 10, 2016
In a time when everyone can be a photographer and film director on social media platform Snapchat, three Fordham students had the distinct idea of creating episodes of a Snapchat soap opera that Fordham students and outside viewers can easily watch.
Andrea Arizaleta Valera, FCLC 17, originally from Caracas, Venezuela. (PHOTO BY ANDRONIKA ZIMMERMAN/THE OBSERVER)

Fordham’s Ever-growing International Student Body

April 25, 2016
According to Fordham University’s Open Doors Report, the percentage of growth in the international student population from 2010 to 2015 was 161.8 percent.
Fordham Universitys Undergraduate bulletin (Jess Luszczyk/The Observer)

Freshmen Reflect on their College Transition

November 5, 2013
While all students are in the middle of their first semester of the academic year, freshmen at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) are also experiencing their first semester of college and first time adventures in the big city.
(Sri Stewart/The Observer)

Give Yourself a Break: Favorite NYC Indulgences

October 17, 2013
Midterm week, known as one of the busiest times for students, is ending and while we are crammed with papers to write and exams to study for, we might need a distraction every now and then to get us through the week.
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