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Illustration of a cupcake that says pick flick on it

The Image of the Politician, Adolescent or Otherwise

October 26, 2020
The dark comedic satire "Election" is a commentary on U.S. politics shown through the lens of a high school election.
Poster from Celluloid Series event

Celluloid Series #1: A Celebration of the Avant-Garde

October 17, 2020
The visual arts department presents the “Celluloid Series,” a set of in-depth discussions that aim to further conversations about filmmaking.
Naked Cowboy stands with guitar in front of empty Times Square

Creatives Under Quarantine

October 15, 2020
Even when it seemed like the rest of the world remained in confinement, these creatives used their free time to stretch their imaginations against both personal and physical limitations.
graphic of clock for the movie Tenet

Returning to the Movies for ‘Tenet’

September 18, 2020
Kevin Stoll review's Christopher Nolan's latest blockbuster "Tenet," as theaters slowly start to reopen with coronavirus safety restrictions
a laptop amongst art supplies at a visual arts students desk

Fordham Visual Arts: From Classroom to ‘Class-Zoom’

September 17, 2020
Fordham’s visual arts community adapts to a "pandemic way of life" and making visual arts classes accessible to students across the world.
Bethany sits at a table

Bethany, Benko and ‘The Rehearsal’ Process

August 18, 2020
Jaclyn Bethany reconnects with her former theater professor, Tina Benko, in casting her for an Emmy-award winning role in "The Rehearsal."
Illustration of drivee-in sign

‘Palm Springs’ Under the Stars

July 29, 2020
Max Barbakow’s “Palm Springs,” the indie rom-com with a science-fiction twist, debuted on VOD and in drive-in movie theaters.
Zoom screenshot of FLOW e-board

FLOWing With Compassion: Fighting Back Against ‘Anti-Blackness’

June 16, 2020
FLOW has stepped up in support of #BlackLivesMatter and created a document to educate people about the history of anti-Blackness and how to combat it.
Characters from the many films listed in the article are in a theater looking at a screen with the words Now streaming on a computer near you on it.

Video on Demand: A Cure for Cinephilia?

April 28, 2020
From the big studios to small film companies, the film industry has to figure out how to keep audiences while they’re at home, and in the future to come.
Benjamin Cook was inspired to create the gallery when he knew his own students at the Art Academy of Cincinnati would be deprived of a physical gallery to display their work.

A Trip to the Art Show, From the Comfort of Your Phone

April 1, 2020
Benjamin Cook, an adjunct professor at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, has created an online platform for visual arts students to display their thesis exhibits.
The English departments Creative Writing program promotes collaboration and self-expression.

Creative Writing: Competitive, Yet Communal

February 19, 2020
Chair of the English Department and Shakespeare professor, Mary Bly discusses Fordham’s Creative Writing program and its community-centered mentality that emphasizes encouragement as opposed to discouragement.
Harley Quinns solo venture is a humorous film thats not meant to be taken too seriously.

The ‘Birds of Prey’ Take Flight, Even If It’s Only Below the Clouds

February 11, 2020
While not a “golden egg,” DC’s latest comic book adaptation still hatches into something decent.
Not exactly a Snoscar, but just as exciting for awards season stalwarts.

Preparing For and Celebrating the Awards Season Experience

January 29, 2020
With the Academy Awards looming on the horizon, it’s time to talk student traditions.
To some, the “I Have A Machine Gun Now Ho-Ho-Ho sweater emblematic of Die Hard qualifies it as a Christmas movie despite its lack of holiday cheer.

Debating and Classifying the ‘Christmas Movie’

December 19, 2019
Does having Christmas decorations in a movie classify it as a Christmas movie? Kevin Stoll and students weigh in.
Acrobatics and circus tricks are at the center of Splinter Groups performance of Pippin.

‘Pippin’ Makes Dying and Climbing Look Easy

November 13, 2019
Fordham’s Splinter Group is currently learning how to "die” and how to "climb” for their upcoming performance of “Pippin” later this November.
‘The Lighthouse’ Subverts, Scares and Shines

‘The Lighthouse’ Subverts, Scares and Shines

October 30, 2019
Just in time for Halloween, indie filmmaker Robert Eggers’ “The Lighthouse” aims to betray the trends of modern horror films. If you’re looking for a “jump-scare fest,” look in the other direction; Eggers’ film is certainly disturbing, but not exactly in the way you might have imagined.
Joaquin Phoenix stars as the “clown prince of crime” in the film that has been generating both critical acclaim and sociopolitical controversy.

Review: “Joker”

October 16, 2019
After several different iterations of the “clown prince of crime,” Joaquin Phoenix is now aiming to fill the (already) big shoes left behind by Heath Ledger. And while “Joker” may still technically be a “comic book film,” this is anything but an action-packed, crowd-pleasing time at the theater.
Brad Pitt stars in the new space epic Ad Astra.

Review: “Ad Astra”

October 2, 2019
Brad Pitt sets out into the far reaches of the solar system to try and solve the mystery of cosmic surges that pose a dangerous threat to Earth in the newest space epic “Ad Astra.”
Illustration of Pennywise the clown from the new movie It: Chapter Two.

“It: Chapter Two” Floats High but Fails to Frighten

September 17, 2019

In an age defined by an exhausting number of horror sequels, reboots and adaptations, Andrés Muschietti’s “It” (2017) garnered mainstream publicity both prior to and during its theatrical release...

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