Preparing For and Celebrating the Awards Season Experience



Not exactly a ‘Snoscar,’ but just as exciting for awards season stalwarts.


After months of speculation, the “best” films of 2019 have already begun to invade mainstream media outlets and especially prediction-based websites such as and GoldDerby. While the majority of moviegoers and “cinephiles” have their own thoughts and opinions on which recipient will receive which awards for which ceremonies, as well as whether those recipients should have even been nominated for those awards in the first place, it’s safe to say feelings of anticipation are in the air. 

With the 92nd Academy Awards set to air on Feb. 8, it’s only a matter of time before those feelings of anticipation will finally pay off. Yet, for many dedicated viewers, the broadcast itself just isn’t enough for them; sometimes, the presence of other viewers and cinephiles can help add an extra degree of excitement to the overall experience. 

Not to mention, various Oscar-themed snacks and desserts certainly help too. 

“I normally get a group of friends together for the Academy Awards,” Natalie Kruse, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’22, said. “We all watch the ceremony and eat a ton of snacks, such as popcorn, sour cream and onion chips, cheese puffs, and pizza.” And while the snacks being chosen for Kruse’s viewing party are arguably a standard selection of snack foods, creativity always abounds. Just ask the many Pinterest users who pride themselves on baking cookies and cake pops shaped liked the iconic gold statuette. 

“I sit in front of my TV by myself and either yell, celebrate or cry at everything that is announced,” Caitlin Bury, FCLC ’22, said. “And depending on when I watch it, whether it would be live or the next day, I usually like to have some food as well. And sometimes, of course, I even like to hold my ‘Snoscar’ from the Fordham Filmmaking Club while watching, just for good luck.”

Bury is referring to the “Oscar” she won at the Filmmaking Club’s 48-Hour Film Festival last year. Though the award itself is simply a picture of the statuette taped to a plastic Snapple bottle, it might be enough for her to believe Greta Gerwig’s critically acclaimed “Little Women” will take home the Best Picture award this year. 

When it comes to myself, however, my family and I usually like to keep it simple. If anything, we treat ourselves to a rather casual assortment of potato chips, pretzels, and soft drinks, as well as a store-bought bag of chocolate-flavored Twizzlers — a tradition we have for every award show, not just the Academy Awards. And on certain occasions, we even enjoy debating who will win, though we never resort to betting against each other.

To be honest, that’s all we really need. The overall sense of excitement — and in some respects, adrenaline — during the broadcast can easily satisfy my family’s anticipation. 

Nevertheless, the ceremony is almost here. And as for the time being, it all comes down to preparation, whether that means playing catch-up (yes, Best Picture nominee “Parasite” is still showing at Film at Lincoln Center), placing bets on which recipient will win or even making sure that your friends are around on the night of the awards. Besides, the Academy Awards have and will always be the subject of both contentment and criticism, so you might as well watch it with the people (or food) you love.