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Word of Mouth: Buffalo Cantina Hot Wings, Part II

Word of Mouth: Buffalo Cantina Hot Wings, Part II

May 3, 2012
Here is Part II of the Observer's trip to Buffalo Cantina in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Get a Taste of Local Culture at Mikey’s

May 2, 2012
In a city filled with 24-hour delis and diners, finding the right and satisfying New York City burger can seem impossible.
Word of Mouth: Buffalo Cantina Part I

Word of Mouth: Buffalo Cantina Part I

April 26, 2012
In the first part of the next installment of Feature Co-Editor Darryl Yu's restaurant series, Word of Mouth, the Observer visits Buffalo Cantina of Williamsburg, Brooklyn to try the infamous Seppuku wings.
Kyotofu offers a wide variety of healthy dishes for those wanting to embrace. (Darryl Yu/The Observer)

Spring Cleaning Starts With the Cleansing of the Body

March 28, 2012
With spring in full gear and summer just around the corner, it’s time for us to break out of our lazy winter shells and embrace the warmth of a healthy lifestyle.
This participant takes the challenge, seeking to prove that two legs are better than four. (Courtesy of JoThelibrarian/Wikimedia Commons)

Manpower vs. Horsepower

March 7, 2012
For ages there have been many questions that have plagued mankind over many centuries. Why are we here? Is there any meaning to life? But in the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells, the burning question remains: Who will win, the man or beast (or in this case horse)?
Bonchon looks to impress its customers with its Korean fried chicken dishes. (Darryl Yu/The Observer)

BonChon, the Korean Answer to Traditional Fried Chicken

March 7, 2012
When someone mentions Korean food, the first thing that always pops into their heads is of course Korean BBQ or kimchi, but there is a certain place out there that hopes to change this general belief of Korean food and that place is Bonchon.
Meatball Shop customers can choose from a wide range of meatballs, sauces and cheeses. (Courtesy of the Meatball Shop)

The Meatball Shop Offers Patrons a Variety of Flavors

February 22, 2012
It’s pretty obvious that people are more comfortable when they have control in their lives. Whether it is control over our destinies or our televisions, people are generally happier when they know what to expect.
Buenos Aires Restaurant offers higher-end Argentinean fare. (Katrine Alcantara/The Observer)

The Meat and Potatoes of an Argentinean Restaurant

February 15, 2012
A dimly lit setting filled with nicely carved wooden tables and chairs, Argentinean steak house Buenos Aires has the look of a very posh and stylish restaurant.
Brick Lane Curry House offers a challenge to lovers of spicy food. (Darryl Yu/The Observer)

Bruised and Burned: My Encounter with New York’s Meanest Curry

February 1, 2012
It was like nothing that I had experienced before. Covered in sweat from head to toe, I felt like my entire body was on fire. I had finally met my culinary foe and its name was the phaal curry. Having many Indian friends while growing up in Hong Kong, I had always been exposed to the culinary joys of Indian food.
Head over to the Chocolate Bar and get refreshed with some spiced chocolate brownies. (Darryl Yu/The Observer)

Get into the Christmas Spirit and Check Out These NYC Dessert Shops

December 7, 2011
It’s almost here! With the annual lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center to the decked out decorations at Columbus Circle, Christmas 2011 is just around the corner.
Bog snorkelers must complete the course without using traditional swimming styles. They can only use flippers. (Photo: RUDGR/Wikimedia Commons)

Get Down and Dirty Welsh Style: Bog Snorkeling

November 16, 2011
For many of us, snorkeling is a lovely activity we do when vacationing on some distant tropical island.

Fordham Sees Increase in Population of International Students

November 16, 2011
Over the last few years Fordham University has seen a steady rise of international students attending its colleges. According to Peter Feigenbaum, associate director of institutional research at Fordham, between the years 2003-2010
If you are looking to change your meat-eating routine, check out the vegan restaurant, Peacefood Café. (Sara Azoulay/The Observer)

Word of Mouth: Turn Over a New Leaf and Check Out Peacewood Café

November 2, 2011
Living in a college dorm or away from our parents for the first time normally brings about the worst in eating habits. From late night pizza binging to cheap Chinese food takeout, we eat a lot of unhealthy food while at school. I know when I first came to Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) my diet
Sik Gaek, a Korean restaurant off the 7 train in Queens, offers a short rib and seafood hot pot. They also offer something more exotic: a platter of still-moving tentacles from a fresh octopus.

Word of Mouth: On Tonight’s Menu, Tentacles and Suction Cups

October 19, 2011
t’s a dark and quiet night in the New York City borough of Queens. With not a soul in sight, this somber scene is something one wouldn’t expect in the “city that never sleeps.”
Because each game only lasts two minutes, Bo-Taoshi tends to get chaotic as the attackers and defenders struggle for victory.  (WikiCommons/The Observer)

Kings of the Pole: The Chaos of Bo-Taoshi

October 5, 2011
orty-five, an inconspicuous number sandwiched between 44 and 46, carries an insignificant meaning for many of us. However, for cadets at the National Defense Academy of Japan, this
Located a train stop away from Manhattan, Ihawan2 offers some authenic Filipino food. (Darryl Yu/The Observer)

Word of Mouth: The Exchange of Cultures: How Food Can Connect the World

October 5, 2011
When I first arrived at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) from Hong Kong in the fall of 2008 I was nervous and scared about the idea of spending the next four years in a totally new environment. Suffering
Open for 24 hours Roosevelt Deli offers FCLC night owls a value for money late night meal. (Darryl Yu/Observer)

Satisfy your Witching Hour Cravings With Some Late Night Eateries

October 1, 2011
We’ve all been there before: it’s 3 a.m. and you’re writing a paper or you’re returning from a night of fun when all of a sudden your late night hunger starts to surface. With no more food...

Word of Mouth: A Little Curiosity Leads to a Culinary Surprise

September 21, 2011
We all know that New York City is one of the greatest metropolises in the world. Filled with all sorts of fun activities and unique characters, there is always something to do in the city that never sleeps...
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, one of the evacuation centers offering refuge to New York Citys inhabitants in the event of an emergency. (Photo by Mario Weddell)

McMahon Hall Residents Weather the Storm

August 28, 2011
With the swift and relatively uneventful passing of Hurricane Irene through Manhattan, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) residents were relieved to find themselves ...
Explore your neighborhood! You’ll never know what cheap college eats you can find around the corner.  (Darryl Yu/The Observer)

Freshman Insider Guide

August 25, 2011
You ate where?! What a freshman mistake! Take the stairs! These are some of the things I heard during my freshman year at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) back in the fall of 2008.
 Athletes like LeBron James may be playing overseas if the lockout doesn’t end soon. (Robert Duyos/Sun Sentinel/MCT

As One Lockout Ends, Another Begins: NBA Season in Crisis

August 25, 2011
According to Business Insider, the NBA says 22 out of the 30 teams will be losing money this year.
Looking for a place to fire up your tastebuds? Head over to Hell’s Kitchen and try Uncle Nick’s Greek Cuisine.  (Darryl Yu/The Observer )

Uncle Nick’s Serves Up a Greek Adventure in Hell’s Kitchen

August 25, 2011

For many Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) students, a usual outside meal may consist of a cheeseburger at the Flame or some nachos at Burrito Box. However, what many FCLC students don’t know...

Word of Mouth: Get in Touch With Your Mexican Side

August 4, 2011

Coming from Hong Kong, I had completely familiarized myself with all forms of Asian cuisine. From Indian food to Chinese food to Mongolian food, I had tasted it all. Still, something was missing, I...

Fordham Athletes Shine on the Big Stage

August 3, 2011

Whoever said college athletes are just dumb jocks?  This doesn’t seem to be the case at Fordham, because according to the Atlantic 10’s (A-10) Commissioner’s Honor Roll of the Fall 2010 semester,...

After Promising Career With Rams, Brenton Butler Looks Forward to the Future

August 3, 2011

Beaten, battered and bruised by the ups and downs of a long season, Brenton Butler, Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) ’11, and the Fordham Rams arrived at the Rose Hill Gym on March 5 for their 2010-11...

FCLC Sporting Activities for the Spring

August 3, 2011

We all know that Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) is not the most sports-orientated campus in the world. Known mostly for our artistic and creative campus culture, sports is not what one would...

Record Smasher! Brienne Ryan Recounts Her Life as a Swimmer

August 3, 2011

From a high school swimming star to college Atlantic 10 (A-10) champion as a freshman, Brienne Ryan, Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH)’13, has had quite an exciting couple of years in her young...

Fordham Unable to Contain Furious Comeback by St. Joseph Hawks

August 3, 2011

Still searching for their first Atlantic 10 division (A-10) victory of the season, the Rams were hoping for a change of fortune last Sunday with a win against the St. Joseph Hawks. Playing in the remarkable...

Patriot League Decides to Postpone Decision on Football Scholarships

August 3, 2011

After having been part of the Patriot League for 21 years, Fordham’s future membership with the Division I league is now facing an uncertain future. With the league’s decision to postpone talks on...

Whiteout: Fordham Junior Erases Georgetown Defense

July 28, 2011

The Fordham Rams didn’t play like a team plagued by injuries in their 24-19 home win over the Georgetown Hoyas on Oct. 30.  Despite being without starting quarterback Blake Wayne, Fordham College at...

Rushing His Way Into Fordham History

July 25, 2011

Published: October 21, 2010 Beginning his journey at Fordham in the fall of 2007, Rams’ running back Xavier Martin, FCRH ’11, has slowly become one of the most prolific running backs in Fordham’s...

Fordham’s Club Rugby Team Hopes to Follow Successful Trend of Club Sports at Fordham

July 25, 2011

Published: October 7, 2010 For the past few years, sports clubs at Fordham have enjoyed much athletic success. From the sailing team’s top 10 finish in 2007 to the hockey team’s league winning performance...

Rams Use Grinding Defense to Wrestle Back Liberty Cup Title From Columbia University

July 25, 2011

Published: September 23, 2010 After losing the Liberty Cup to Columbia University last year, the Fordham Rams were out for revenge against their New York City rivals on Sept. 18. Coming off an...

Atlantic 10 Midfielder of the Year Tim Richardson, FCRH ’12. (Courtesy of Fordham Sports)

Rams Hoping to Break Away from the Pack

July 23, 2011

Published: August 25, 2010 Finishing last season with an overall record of 9-7-3 and an Atlantic 10 conference record of 6-1-2, the Fordham University men’s soccer team is looking to improve in the...

Game, Set, Match: Coach Hawthorn Retires After 54 Years

July 23, 2011

Published: August 25, 2010 When Bob Hawthorn took the reins of head coach of tennis and squash at Fordham University, Elvis Presley was still starting out in New York City, and tennis was normally played...

Charlotte Stoddart Helps British U-20 Team to European Title

July 23, 2011

Published: August 25, 2010 While many of us were enjoying the spoils of summer by going to the beach and hanging out with friends, Fordham forward Charlotte Stoddart, FCRH ’13, was having a very different...

Rams Quarterback Phoenix Bound

July 23, 2011

Published: May 5, 2010 From leading the Rams to a Patriot League championship in 2007 to breaking every passing record in school history, John Skelton, CBA ’10, has been the face of Fordham football...

Bringing Basketball Back Home to Nigeria

July 10, 2011

Published: April 22, 2010 To commemorate Women’s History Month, ESPN premiered the documentary “Her Story: Ten Times Over” on April 4. The half-hour special focused on former Fordham University...

Shoot ‘Em Up with FCLC’s Newest Club: Paintball

July 9, 2011

Published: April 15, 2010 Starting at his opponents across the paintball field, Charlie Puente, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’12, waits in anticipation for the sounds of the starting whistle...

Freshman Gaston Provides Foundation for Rebuilding

June 28, 2011

Published February 18, 2010 It’s not surprising that the Fordham men’s basketball team has been overlooked by opponents in the Atlantic 10 conference this year. Owners of a 2-19 overall record and...

Rams Can’t Stay Strong in Second Half, Have Lost 12 Straight

June 28, 2011

Published February 4, 2010 Starting the game strong and finishing weak has been an unwelcome trend for the Fordham University men’s basketball team over their last few games. Plagued by poor second...

After Late Transfer, Freshman Fordham Punter Making an Impact

June 27, 2011

Published: October 22, 2009 Patrick Murray, FCRH ’13, had only been on a college football roster for a few days before starting at punter for Fordham on Sept. 19 against Columbia, but his short stint...

FCLC Students Set Sail with Bronx-Based Fordham Club

June 27, 2011

Published: November 5, 2009 The Fordham University sailing team was resurrected as a club sport in 2000 after a 26-year hiatus. This year, the team is off to a strong start, taking first place in the...

Rams Halt Late Charge from Rhode Island to Win Home Opener

May 24, 2011

Excitement filled the air on Jack Coffey Field on Sept. 11, as the Fordham Rams came back from behind to notch their first victory of the season with a 27-25 win over Rhode Island University. Losing their...

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