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a photo of Christoper Woldstad

Fordham Professor on the Front Lines of HIV Research

By ANUSHA IMRAN November 14, 2020
Adjunct professor at Fordham University Christopher Woldstad, Ph.D., discusses his past and present neurobiology and natural sciences research.
corkscrew, glass of alcohol and mask on a table

You Booze, You Lose: Why Alcohol Shouldn’t Be Your Only Pandemic Coping Strategy

By LUKE OSBORN November 13, 2020
Americans are consuming more alcohol during the COVID-19 pandemic; however, drowning stir-craziness with alcohol may do more harm than good.
group of girls, fordham's dance team, on a football field with black uniforms and silver pom-poms

The Fordham Dance Team’s March to D1 Status Continues

By PATRICK MOQUIN November 13, 2020
On a tight budget, the administration and the athletic department have had to delay the promotion of Fordham's dance team to D1 status.
a graphic illustration of the Duolingo owl wearing a Fordham hat saying

Beau, Bella, Bellisimo: The Beauty and Benefits of Bilingualism

By KATRINA MANANSALA November 12, 2020
From marketable job skills to Alzheimer's prevention, learning foreign languages can be extremely beneficial.
Disruptions to daily routines due to the pandemic and quarantining this year have thrown off many students' sleep schedules.

Coronavirus and Counting Sheep: How the Pandemic Is Affecting Your Sleep

By AIZA BHUIYAN November 11, 2020
The pandemic has disrupted the sleep-wake cycles of many college students. However, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is crucial for young adults to get a restful seven to eight hours of sleep.
the indoor workout area of a rock gym

Staying Fit Indoors

By GUS DUPREE November 2, 2020
The temperature is dropping, and with gyms and fitness centers only beginning to reopen, millions who've been shut in at home through the warmer months haven’t been able to stay physically active. But physical exercise will not only help get you back into shape — it will also better your mental state.
aisle of Halloween candy

Is Halloween Candy a Trick or a Treat?

By RAHUL SUKESH October 31, 2020
Halloween is the perfect time to dress up, socialize with friends and eat candy. Knowing what this candy is composed of will help you stay healthy.
mount sinai hospital sign

The Future of the Affordable Care Act

By AIZA BHUIYAN October 28, 2020
Trump would like the ACA repealed, while Biden’s presidential plans include countering Trump's changes and building on Obama’s contributions.
protestors with Black Lives Matter signs

Police Violence Is a Public Health Issue: What Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden Do About It?

By AIZA BHUIYAN October 28, 2020
On June 4, the APHA declared police violence a public health issue during protests that followed the killings of unarmed Black Americans.
graph showing rise in cases in republican versus democratic-governed states

Nationwide Surge in COVID-19 Cases Comes Just in Time for the Election

By KATRINA MANANSALA October 28, 2020
As Election Day draws nearer and the weather cools, the number of positive COVID-19 cases is once again increasing, bringing the U.S. to the cusp of a second wave. 
president and group of people sitting at a conference table discussing a vaccine

The Election, the Vaccine and the Fate of Higher Education

By LUKE OSBORN October 28, 2020
Trump’s coronavirus response coordinator said a vaccine should reach colleges as early as January, but this timeline may not be realized.
a graphic illustration of someone experiencing social media stress as they look at their ballot with social media icons spinning around their head

A Tale of Two Stressors: Online News and COVID-19

By GUS DUPREE October 28, 2020
With this unprecedented access to media comes negative consequences for our own mental health.