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Civic Duty and Social Distancing: Preventing Coronavirus Spread Among Voters

By RAHUL SUKESH October 28, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has upended this year’s voting process. However, there are several ways voters can practice their right in a safe and health-conscious manner.
photo of sailboat on the water with two members of the intramural sailing team in it

Club and Intramural Sports Canceled for Fall Semester Amid Health Concerns

By PATRICK MOQUIN October 17, 2020
The sheer size of the club sports and intramural programs is one contributing factor, as many athletes would have to get regularly tested.
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Is Sitting Really That Bad?

By MAGGIE MCNAMARA October 17, 2020
While working from home, many people are sitting more. This may have some negative ramifications for physical health.
gaels player and rams player at the basketball net

Fordham to Host Iona Gaels in Home Opener

By PATRICK MOQUIN October 16, 2020
On Nov. 25, the Rams will face Rick Pitino’s Iona College Gaels in the Rose Hill Gymnasium for the first time since 2006, reviving an old rivalry to celebrate a tepid step toward normalcy.
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Navigating Mental Health Amid a Pandemic

By ANUSHA IMRAN October 15, 2020
Oct. 11 marked World Mental Health Day, a holiday for awareness and education which has become especially important during the pandemic.
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Indoor Dining Reopens in NYC For the First Time In Seven Months

By GUS DUPREE October 14, 2020
With cases reemerging in the city, indoor dining has become a point of concern, and with the city getting colder, restaurants are facing mounting pressure to allow patrons inside.
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Preparing for the Flu Season in a ‘Twindemic’

By RAHUL SUKESH October 11, 2020
As of Oct. 5, there have been nearly 7.5 million coronavirus cases in the U.S. Now, the country must prepare for flu season.
graphic of statements associated with body neutrality: 1) a picture of a bed next to the statement

What is Body Neutrality and Why Is It Important?

By MAGGIE MCNAMARA October 6, 2020
Body neutrality is more inclusive of people with disabilities, people of color and transgender people since it doesn't focus on aesthetics.
fordham basketball player making a layup on a basketball court

A10 Basketball Set to Return to the Bronx

By PATRICK MOQUIN October 3, 2020
On Sept. 16, the NCAA Division I Council voted to hold the 2020-21 college basketball season. It will officially start on Nov. 25.
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Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

By MAGGIE MCNAMARA October 1, 2020
With increased screentime due to the COVID-19 pandemic, blue light glasses have risen in popularity despite questionable evidence regarding their effectiveness.
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Testing Misinformation: Staying Informed and Safe in the Internet Age During a Pandemic

By GUS DUPREE September 30, 2020
In the case of COVID-19, online misinformation may be due to the United States’ poor performance handling the virus than other countries.
group of cyclists riding on a cobblestone street in the tour de france

Le Tour de France’s Youngest Racers Are Like Us, but Superhuman

By JILL RICE September 28, 2020
On Sunday, Sept. 20, Le Tour de France Tadej Pogačar won the event. At 22, he is the youngest rider to win the Tour since 1904.