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Election Day in Manhattan

November 6, 2020
As of Nov. 6, there have been no widespread protests or marches in the city directly related to the outcome of the election.
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Breaking Down Fordham’s Ballot

The Observer conducted an anonymous survey of 211 Fordham students to study their values and analyze opinions of the political system of the United States.
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Conservative Students Hesitate to Share Political Views On Campus

By STEPHEN BRAGALE October 28, 2020
Conservative students at Lincoln Center have often found themselves in the minority. A survey of 211 students found that only 10% identified as Republicans or Libertarians.
A course syllabus with red sharpie correcting changes to the curriculum to include political education

Professors Emphasize Political Education in the Classroom

By NICOLE PERKINS October 28, 2020
The need for political education in the classroom is not a new concept, but students have gone recently gone beyond school to learn more.
USG vice president, student Robert Sundstrom, drops ballot in mailbox for 2020 election

Democracy on Campus: Valuing Both Student and National Elections

By SAMANTHA MATTHEWS October 28, 2020
Most students do not pay close attention to the closest political landscape that impacts their daily lives: student government.
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Students Say Presidential Candidates Neglect BLM

By JOE KOTTKE October 28, 2020
In an anonymous survey from The Observer, 50.7% of respondents said that they view policing as being the most pressing issue right now.
voters wait in line at a NYC polling site. Signs can be seen reading VOTE HERE in English, Spanish, and Chinese

Challenges of Voting During a Pandemic

By ALLIE STOFER October 28, 2020
First-time voters and college students must choose how they want to vote this year while navigating the threat of COVID-19 and trying to stay safe.
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Social Media Takes Center Stage for Political Activism

By KATRINA LAMBERT October 27, 2020
Particularly among younger adults, the use of social media has become the No. 1 source for learning about politics and elections.
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The Role of Politics in Relationships — Neutral, Insidious or Destructive?

By MICHELLE AGARON October 26, 2020
The Observer's political survey respondents share experiences with the role of politics in personal relationships.
a student sits at a table with their mail-in ballot, ready to vote

The Choice to Vote Polarizes Student Body

By JOE KOTTKE October 26, 2020
A short survey prompting students on their opinions of their peers who choose not to vote produced polarizing results.
Students whose programs were canceled will have the option to defer their application to either the 2021 summer or fall semester; they can also withdraw their application to receive a refund of the application fee.

BREAKING: Spring Study Abroad Programs Canceled

By JOE KOTTKE October 20, 2020
Dennis Jacobs, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, announced the suspension of Fordham’s spring study abroad programs in a community-wide email on Oct. 20.
Sunrise Movement members making signs on the Grass

Students Advocate for Voting in New Sunrise Movement Hub

By JOE KOTTKE October 18, 2020
Students created the Sunrise Movement for combating climate change opponents and hosted an event at Van Cortlandt Park to motivate voters.