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photo of covid testing center at rose hill

UPDATED: Rose Hill Surpasses 100 Cases, Reaching NY Threshold for Brief Suspension of In-Person Classes

February 13, 2021
Fordham University updated its COVID-19 Testing Data to reflect that 112 students at Rose Hill tested positive for COVID-19 for the two-week period before Saturday, Feb. 13.
a gavel rests in front of screens on a courtroom desk

Court Rules Against Fordham Student in Class Action Lawsuit for Tuition Reductions During Pandemic

By MARYAM BESHARA February 10, 2021
A filing for tuition refunds from April 2020 after suspension of in-person classes was dismissed last month.
a zoom screenshot of four members of the Black History Month Committee

Fordham Celebrates Black History Month Online

By ALLIE STOFER February 9, 2021
With the start of February, clubs are hosting hybrid and virtual events to celebrate Black History Month.
screenshot of webpage where student can request a medical leave of absence from fordham

Deans Initiate Changes to the Student Leave of Absence Protocol

By KATRINA LAMBERT February 9, 2021
To ensure that the guidelines promote diversity, equity and inclusion, the medical and non-medical leave of absence policies are in the process of reexamination by the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill deans.
Chad Davis poses at the Voice Arts Awards

Dynamic Performer and Fordham Doctoral Student Chad Davis Dies at Age 40

By MICHELLE AGARON February 8, 2021
Davis is remembered as a phenomenal performer, passionate psychologist and a genuinely warm spirit.
Laura Greeney poses with her great-nieces on a couch

Fordham Alumna and Adjunct English Professor Laura Greeney Dies at Age 59

By ALLIE STOFER January 30, 2021
Fordham professor Laura Greeney passed away unexpectedly on January 19, 2021.
photo of a checkbook on a desk to represent tuition

Fordham Announces Cancellation of Tuition Raise

By JOE KOTTKE January 23, 2021
Undergraduate tuition rates will not increase for the 2021-22 academic year.
new dean of student services Keith Eldredge poses on the Outdoor Plaza

New Year, New Transitions For Deans

By KATRINA LAMBERT January 14, 2021
Gregory Pappas, the former dean of student services, retired after spending 40 years at Fordham University. Keith Eldredge, the previous dean of students at Lincoln Center, will be assuming the position.
the exterior of a courthouse

NY Appellate Court Rules Against Students for Justice in Palestine

By JOE KOTTKE January 9, 2021
On Dec. 22, the New York State Supreme Court overturned a previous decision that granted Fordham SJP official recognition by the university.
collage of tweets by fordham professors and students laid over a drawing of the capitol building in the background

Fordham Community Addresses Attack on Capitol

The Fordham community reacts with disapproval to the mob of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.
Rev. Massingale speaks to an audience at Fordham

Rev. Massingale Speaks About the Meaning of Christmas on ABC News

By MICHELLE AGARON December 30, 2020
Fordham professor and renowned theologian Rev. Bryan Massingale, S.J., shared the meaning of Christmas on ABC News: “Christmas is the story of telling us that there’s no place where God chooses not to be.”
a student sits alone in a classroom

Fordham Retention Rate Continues to Decline

By NICOLE PERKINS December 3, 2020
Fordham is continuously suffering a drop in retention and enrollment rates, a problem which began before the pandemic.