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People in India line up to get their temperatures checked, wearing masks and standing 2 m apart
Fordham Students React to India’s Deadly COVID-19 Surge
By INSIYA GANDHI May 29, 2021
Fordham students of Indian descent are concerned with the COVID-19 crisis in India, where poverty and shortages worsen the virus's effects.
headshot of José Luis Alvarado, the new dean of Fordham
Fordham Hires New Dean of Graduate School of Education
José Luis Alvarado will begin his role in July and is excited to meet Fordham students and work toward making education more accessible.
for an article about covid-19 photos, the Ram statue a year later, this time wearing a disposable mask underneath and a Fordham mask on top
A Year of COVID-19 at Fordham in Photos
Over the past year, The Observer has collected photos depicting students' experience with COVID-19 at school and at home.
A photo of a Gabelli School of Business classroom.
Gabelli School of Business Investigates Allegations of Widespread Academic Dishonesty
May 12, 2021
GSB leadership received credible allegations of academic dishonesty on an online final exam, and is investigating all cheating allegations.
An image of a letter from USG leaders detailing their support for an Asian American studies program.
Fordham Faculty Members Create Petition for Asian American Studies Program
By ALLIE STOFER May 6, 2021
Fordham faculty come together to create a petition calling for more representation and the creation of an Asian American studies program.
Class of 2020 commencement will take place on Eddies Parade
Fordham Announces Commencement Plans for Class of 2020
May 5, 2021
Fordham announced that the Class of 2020 will celebrate its in-person commencement ceremonies on June 5 and June 6.