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Fordham Deans Clarify Alleged Crackdown on Grades Rumor

By MICHELLE AGARON March 30, 2021
The deans of FCRH and FCLC issued a joint statement clarifying that the call for stricter evaluation applied to students who did not complete their coursework but still received passing grades.
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Mental Health at Fordham: Where We Are and How To Move Forward

By AIDAN LANE March 30, 2021
College students' mental health took a drastic turn for the worse at the start of the pandemic and has continued to do so, but Fordham students met unique challenges not faced on traditional campuses.
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Sam Omotayo: More Than the Man at the Front Desk

By STEVIE CORTEZ March 26, 2021
For many students across the Lincoln Center campus, manning the desk is only one part of Mr. Omotayo's job.
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Rams Against Aramark Demands Severance From Food Service Provider

By MARYAM BESHARA March 21, 2021
A new club, Rams Against Aramark, has formed on campus with the goal of having Fordham cut ties with Aramark.
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Reflecting On a Year of COVID-19

A year into the pandemic, students recall their experiences from March 2020 and reflect on the different courses their lives have taken since.
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Early Announcement of In-Person Fall Semester Produces Mixed Reactions

By JOE KOTTKE March 14, 2021
Fordham plans for an in-person fall based on new CDC guidelines, vaccine eligibility and an increase in student registration.
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Virtual First-Year Students Return to Campus for the Spring Semester

By INSIYA GANDHI March 12, 2021
After a virtual fall semester, many freshmen decided to come to campus for the first time. The freshmen share why they came.
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Matilde Fava, Longtime Professor Known for Empathy and Decorum, Dies at 78

By JILL RICE March 11, 2021
The adjunct professor of communication in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies died peacefully at her home on March 1, 2021.
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Students Speak Out Against On-Campus Quarantine Procedures

By KATRINA LAMBERT March 10, 2021
Quarantine practices at Fordham have received scrutiny from affected students, who are reporting concerns about the university’s lack of accommodations.
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Fordham Plans for Full In-Person Instruction for Fall 2021

March 9, 2021
University President Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J., announced that the university plans to offer full in-person instruction for the fall 2021 semester in an email to the Fordham community on March 9 — the one-year anniversary of the cancellation of in-person instruction.
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John J. Denniston, Beloved Theology Professor, Dies at 74

By JOE KOTTKE March 8, 2021
Denniston was known for his wonderful memory for names and faces and for recognizing students’ accomplishments.
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Study Abroad Canceled for Summer 2021

March 4, 2021
All study abroad programs sponsored by Fordham as well as other universities will be canceled until at least fall 2021.