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Welcome to the Renaissance — A Film by Beyoncé

The multihyphenate adds a new project to her résumé — an accompanying film to her record-breaking concert tour
The film documents moments spanning from the tour’s entirety, illustrating the wide scope of the “Renaissance” era.

Beyoncé, a multi-platinum and award-winning American singer-songwriter, producer and director, announced on Oct. 2, 2023 — via her Instagram of over 315 million followers — that her monumental “Renaissance World Tour” would be translated to the big screen worldwide in the concert’s film and documentary, “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé.” 

The musician embarked on the tour this past summer, commencing in Stockholm, Sweden, in May and concluding in Kansas City, Missouri, in early October. The film documents moments spanning from the tour’s entirety, illustrating the wide scope of the “Renaissance” era. The concert film premiered at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Los Angeles, California, on Nov. 25, 2023, as well as in London at Leicester Square on Nov. 30, 2023. 

The premiere at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater had a theme of “Cozy Opulence,” in which the superstar debuted a sleek platinum-blonde hairstyle and shimmered in a silver Versace gown. In contrast, the premiere at Leicester Square’s theme was “Formal Opulence,” as the musician stunned in an all-black ensemble by Thom Browne Couture. Both premieres featured numerous celebrities including protégés Chloe x Halle; Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett; and fellow pop star Taylor Swift. 

Renaissance offers a rare, intimate look into Beyoncé’s personal and family life in addition to the concert.

Having been an overall appreciator of pop music and culture — as well as not knowing a world without Beyoncé — I instantly knew I had to see the film upon announcement. The concert instantly became my favorite spectacle I have experienced when I attended the tour at MetLife Stadium on July 30, 2023. I was more than delighted when I heard the news that the tour was going to be shown in theaters. Moments after the Instagram announcement, tickets went live and debuted with nearly $6 million in first-day presales. I was able to relive that magical night, thanks to Dolby’s immersive experience of enhanced audio and high-definition cinematography.  

The film opens up with a wave of fans, awaiting their arrival inside their respective venues. Fans from all over the world and of different backgrounds and ages are visible on screen, as well as in the theater screening. They are all decked out in Beyoncé merchandise, bejeweled cowboy hats and chrome ensembles, showcasing that Beyoncé’s music is a universal language. Following a fast-paced montage of Beyoncé’s career, the concert element of the film begins.

Referencing Giorgione’s “Sleeping Venus,” Beyoncé poses on the screen in front of a cloud backdrop, and the screen later transitions into her appearing on the stage. Beyoncé is her own opening act, performing vocal acrobatics during “Dangerously In Love 2” and “Flaws and All.” 

The screen later fades into the behind-the-scenes element of the concerts. Highlighting the four-year process to create the tour, the work of countless personnel — musicians, dancers, stylists, technicians, engineers and other crew members — is shown. The cinematic process, ranging from camera work, props and lighting, help bring “Renaissance” alive to the stage. 

Intricate editing is done throughout the film, notably of the different outfits seamlessly changing during “Diva,” “Run the World (Girls)” and “Formation.” The various ensembles by designers Thierry Mugler, Balmain, and Beyoncé’s own Ivy Park, shimmer on the Dolby screen. 

The concert film vividly mimics the in-person concert experience as well. During “ENERGY,” the song contains a lyric advising everyone to go on “mute.” It began as a challenge on the tour to see how long the respective audience would be silent for, as the tradition carried onto the film screenings. The “Renaissance” film also contains several call-and-response moments, in which Beyoncé tells the audience to sing the respective lyrics. 

Following a period of such isolation, Beyoncé reminds viewers that we should release it all and not let anything or anyone break our souls.

Renaissance offers a rare, intimate look into Beyoncé’s personal and family life in addition to the concert, showing sweet moments with her three children and husband Jay-Z. The film also follows eldest child Blue Ivy’s journey into a performer on her own terms, as she has a moment on stage with her mother during “MY POWER” and “Black Parade.” 

The reminder that Beyoncé is human just like the rest of us is evident throughout “Renaissance,” as it follows her healing convalescence from a knee injury prior to the start of tour. The multi-hyphenate is also candid about the challenges of the pressure that comes with the entertainment industry and her experience as a Black woman in said industry.

As a Black woman myself, I resonated with a scene in which she stated how being a Black woman signifies that “people challenge everything you say and you are constantly having to prove yourself.” Beyoncé asserts that, despite the fame and fortune, she is still a Black woman first and foremost. 

In addition to its coverage of Beyoncé’s personal life and the concert, the film featured cameos from fellow musicians, with rappers Megan Thee Stallion and Kendrick Lamar joining her on stage during “Savage Remix” and “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM,” respectively. Beyoncé also paid homage to those who paved the way for her, as her background singers cover Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover,” who later appears in the film as a surprise birthday gift for Beyoncé. Beyoncé also covered “River Deep – Mountain High,” by the late Tina Turner and discussed the impact Turner has had on her career — the song was added to the setlist following Turner’s passing on May 24, 2023.  

Renaissance” (2022) served as a celebration of Black and queer communities, and their intersection, as well as an album consisting of dance music. The concert film upholds this message and provides a visual aid. As a love letter to her late Uncle Johnny, to whom the film is dedicated, it was released on World AIDS Day. To honor her uncle, the tour features queer creatives, such as Kevin Aviance, Jonte’ Moaning, Honey Balenciaga and Kevin JZ Prodigy, keeping Beyoncé’s uncle’s legacy alive through her work. 

“This tour, I feel liberated,” Beyoncé shared with Jay-Z in the midst of the tour. Not only was it liberation for the superstar, but also for tour attendees and film viewers. Dance music, as reflected in “Renaissance,” allows people to feel free from negativity and to just live in the moment. Following a period of such isolation, Beyoncé reminds viewers that we should release it all and not let anything or anyone break our souls.

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  • A

    ABGFeb 12, 2024 at 10:47 am

    I’m so happy to have watched Beyonce grow into the beautiful woman she is today. It was an honor to watch her performance and idk how anyone will ever compare but don’t even try because you will not succeed!! Queen Bey we love you 🥰

  • M

    Mitchell BrownFeb 11, 2024 at 1:20 pm

    All I’m saying, I know I know Beyonce 💕, Check Lil Wu Super Bowl Who’s who NFL,

  • C

    CrystalFeb 11, 2024 at 12:48 pm


  • C

    Connie RizziFeb 11, 2024 at 12:37 pm

    Always loved her
    Watch all her videos on tour

  • A

    Alverta MooreFeb 11, 2024 at 10:29 am

    So proud, so proud, so very proud. Oh what it must take to achieve all that you have accomplished in life, Beyonce. It took God in your life first. Then your dream, your determination and the support of your husband and all of your family. I like how you have included everyone from start to now in this journey. Much respect to you, young lady, and to all involved. Job well done. It’s not about completion, it is about you being you, and having a heart of Gold for giving back and caring for those less fortunate. God will truly bless you and your Family and your Team. Love you, Alverta Moore.