BLACKSTARKIDS and The 1975 — At Their Very Best

BLACKSTARKIDS continue to redefine the alternative genre with their latest project, “CYBERKISS,” and their spirited openings on The 1975’s new tour, “At Their Very Best”



BLACKSTARKIDS at their best as they tour with the 1975.


BLACKSTARKIDS, an American hip-hop/indie rock band, is currently on tour with the 1975 — and they truly are at their very best. The three band members, TheBabeGabe, TyFaizon and Deiondre, grew up in Raytown, Missouri, and formed BLACKSTARKIDS in 2019. They are currently on the North American leg of the 1975’s “At Their Very Best” tour. 

The band is known for their plethora of sounds. They’ve rewritten what it means to create and produce music, and describe their sound as “all over the place,” with influences ranging from hyper-pop to electronic to alternative to synthesized. They take inspiration from artists such as The 1975, Tyler the Creator and Blood Orange. 

TyFaizon shared a touching story about his favorite memory with the band. He remembered writing “Love Straw Girl” before they were signed to DIRTY HIT, their management team, or had any money. They kept playing the song “over and over and over,” and they felt that this was the song that was going to “do something for them.” Deiondre and TyFaizon went to Burger King and shared a 10-piece order of chicken nuggets, which became a memorable and amusing moment for them as TyFaizon reflected on how far the band had come and how the song  helped them get there. They’ve had the opportunity to travel and tour with a variety of bands before their current one with The 1975, such as Glass Animals and beabadoobee in 2021..

TyFaizon elaborated on his vision of the band’s success and what it takes to be a successful artist. He expressed a desire for “everyone in their immediate circle to be able to live comfortably because of them.” It was a very touching and heartfelt moment that demonstrated how far the band had come since their debut.

Like any other artist, BLACKSTARKIDS hopes to create music that is meaningful to people and that resonates with others. Their music is something they’ve put a lot of “emotional investment” into, and they hope that it will provide their fans with a transcending feeling of experience through their lyrics and melodies. 

The band discussed their favorite song, “New York,” which was written after touring with beabadoobee in 2021. It was their first time in New York and their first opportunity to reunite as a band following the COVID-19 quarantine in 2020. It was their “catalyst” that stimulated them to blend different sounds together and create a collage of their favorite music. They had two ideas for this album at first: One was more “laid-back and lowkey,” while the other was more electronic and dance-oriented. After their trip to New York, their genre “came to life,” TyFaizon notes, and they can’t wait to make more music in New York. 

Their latest project, “CYBERKISS,” comes after the release of their debut album, “Puppies Forever.” This set of songs features influences from nostalgic ’90s/’00s stars, such as Neptunes, Missy Elliot and Timbaland. They give it their own coming-of-age spin with an electronic, R&B sound that delves into the band’s identity and dynamics.

Because of their love of New York, they’ve come full circle this year, opening for The 1975 at venues such as  Madison Square Garden. The music of The 1975 was an early influence on BLACKSTARKIDS, particularly Deiondre, who began playing the guitar as a result of the band. Many of the songs on their debut album were inspired by singles from the 1975’s fourth album, “Notes on a Conditional Form.” TyFaizon considers it an “honor” to be embraced by one of their idol bands. 

“They’re going on stage and being as true to themselves as possible … creating an engaging and energetic process … putting it all out,” he said. That is exactly what I saw when I went to their show at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 7. 

It’s difficult to open at shows, especially when the arena is half full at the beginning of the concert. However, BLACKSTARKIDS erupted with a visceral rush of energy. They were free and organic, and I just wanted to get on stage and dance with them the entire time. Their dynamic is wonderful to watch and experience — three friends who genuinely enjoy rocking out on stage. 

Matty Healy, frontman of The 1975, said that BLACKSTARKIDS is his favorite band live — and I can see why. They bring amazing energy to the stage and from within each other. They started with “How to Self Destruct,” shaking the Garden and keeping fans on their feet throughout their set list. 

Following BLACKSTARKIDS, The 1975 did not disappoint when it came to performance. The band put on a show for their fans, and Healy infamously ate raw meat on stage during his pretentious and eccentric interlude before they played the band’s greatest hits. Their live show is incredibly impressive and captivating — and it is certainly not a show to miss. 

BLACKSTARKIDS had some advice for anyone looking to break into the music industry. The band said that when they first entered the industry, they knew exactly what they wanted to do with their music. They had a clear vision of how they wanted to be perceived, and they said they encourage others to do the same.

TyFaizon advised other musicians to “know what you want to do and come in with a vision of what you want to do as an artist … it is very easy to be misled by people when you don’t know what you want to do as an artist.” 

As TyFaizon points out, breaking into the music industry is difficult. The band’s biggest challenge is “people’s need to label and understand something” when the band is a developing group. They cannot be defined or classified in a single article or sentence. The members of BLACKSTARKIDS struggle to fully express themselves because of the constant desire to label their sound and genre when all they want to do is “stay true to the vision of their art.”

Whether you’re looking for new music to alter your music taste, or you’re looking for 2020s music that features a hint of nostalgic R&B and alternative sound, make sure to check out BLACKSTARKIDS on their journey to redefine music and what it means to a musician.