Behind the Scenes at Blood Manor, The Scariest Attraction in NYC

Feast your eyes on the true meaning of horror inside Blood Manor



Performers skulk from dark corners behind life-like mannequins (and even behind you) awaiting to jump-scare you.


The 10,000 square feet of themed rooms, hallways and corridors of Blood Manor are famous for terrifying New Yorkers to the max. The Tribeca attraction — located at 359 Broadway, between Leonard and Franklin Streets — was constructed on top of a historical landmark. In 1852, the building served as a studio for Civil War photographer Matthew Brady. 

Jim Lorenzo, co-founder and owner of Blood Manor, came up with the idea of Blood Manor after a client recommended that he open a haunted attraction. Catching the “horror bug,” he teamed up with co-founders Jim Faro and Mike Rodriguez to create a haunted mansion that is so scary it gives another reason for New York to be dubbed the “city that never sleeps.” The business is open 21 days a year, mostly around Halloween time. 

Most of the performers are returnees, with each having developed their own characters over a number of years. He emphasized that the attraction’s purpose is to make you forget that you’re on the streets of New York. Dedicated to theatrics, he spares no expense in ensuring authentic immersion the moment you enter. The average time spent in the manor is 20 minutes. 

“We are a family of performers,” Lorenzo said.

In these photographs, I navigate backstage and inside the manor where I was confronted by some of the most terrifying characters. Witness the total dedication to horror that the people of Blood Manor spent perfecting on Halloween night.